Get Gucci for less

I’m going to go right ahead and start with a disclaimer, I CAN’T GET YOU GUCCI FOR PENNIES, but I can provide you with pretty similar dupes that’ll save you cash monies, so I’m forgiven right?

Leather belt with Double G buckle
sigh. Here she is

If you didn’t know what I meant by that Gucci belt I applaud your obvious skills at staying off of instagram and managing to avoid it because i know i have seen it absolutely everywhere! If you have read my previous posts you will know that I absolutely love a small price tag, but i also love the look of a big label, so i made it my personal quest to deliver you with the goods, the dupes, the oh so similar its almost Gucci if you squint.

So number one on my fucci list (laughed way longer than I should have there, fucci…fake gucci? get it?) is this little cutie from asos, and at 12 pound is an absolute steal.  You can get this belt here.



Numero dos is so pretty and is just as cheap at 14 pounds, it just shows you don’t need to break the bank to stay in style and look good. It also comes in about four other colours which I’m having to stop myself from getting them all. This one is from River Island and you can buy it here  


Number 3 may not be as good of a dupe as the previous two, but it’s still similar and totally affordable and cute. This one is from h&m and is priced at just 7.99! You can buy it here

Number four on my list is this gorgeous miss selfridge belt, I am in love with the colour of this I think it’s perfect for winter. This belt is in the sale for 7 pounds down from 10 so hurry before its gone! Snap this one up here

Five is a bit different, a bit smaller but a totally different colour which will make any outfit pop, again its super affordable at 12 pounds and is from next. You can get this cutie here 

Pink Velvet Belt

Number is six is going back to River Island who are on point this season when it comes to accessories! Again at just 12 pound! grab it here


Lucky number seven, I fully believe every member of your girl gang should own this belt, it’s so sweet and wearable! It is a miss pap number and comes it at 7 pounds, get it here 


That’s all on my list of Gucci Dupes! I hope this helps if you’re on a serious money saving style mission! Thanks so much for reading it means so much to me, hit me a comment if you’ve found any dupes too!

Heaps of love,


Bronze babein’ on a budget (holy grail fake tan product)

Hey dolls,

Its tanning time!! Sooooooo hands up if you’re sick of the Caspar life? double hands up if you’re living the student peasant life and can’t really afford to be running around throwing money at over priced and over rated st tropez? Do not worry huns because even if only one of the above applies to you, you are not alone and I have the answers to your pasty pin problems.

I’ve been fake tanning since i was about 15 and let me tell ya, If its been bottled ive tried it. I’ve been through the fake tan wars, stained bed sheets, weird biscuity smell (In theory being followed by a constant biscuit smell would be pleasant but alas, it’s not) and the very worst… green feet (I’m looking at you st.moritz). I’m also not a golden glow of a girl when it comes to tan, i want to be like a little crisp slice of brown toast who looks like ive spent a month abandoned on an island with no shelter and just tanning oil to keep me company. So i eventually just led myself to believe i would have to keep forking out for really expensive over rated fake tans and sacrifice whatever else i have convinced myself i need in order to survive.

That was until i saw this absolute bronzed goddess in the club one night and i was like omg hun tell me your secrets?! and she did because as women have a natural bond and we stick together but now i forward this secret on to you…  25008844_147662746004437_2219268773607636992_n                                       Before                                         immediately after i applied  (lost the lid soz)

It is the Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter, one hour tan mousse in the original medium shade. I am beyond obsessed. Even better, when i bought it, it was on sale in primark for five pound. FIVE BRITISH POUNDS. Its so cheap and so freeken good, i very rarely find holy grail beauty products but this is for sure one of mine now. It develops so fast and it gets darker the longer you leave it, i tan on a thursday and it basically takes me through to the next week not even going patchy just fading. Since its still winter and i dont want to go mental on my bronze im waiting to try the darker shade out but i think ill give it a go when the weather gets warmer.

The only thing I have to say is if you’re showering before application make sure there isnt even a droplet of moisture on your skin or it will go super patchy but even if it does go patchy and someone says “ew look at your minging patchy tan” say no hun, you’re minging.

Head over to my instagram to see what its like fully developed and in all its glory! But dont forget to gimme a shout in the comments if you’ve tried it and what you think!

Love ya loads and loads,