Honest Jaclyn Hill x Morphe collaboration review

Hey doll,

So I’m pretty late to this one because I have been umming and ahhing since Morphe released this one but my boyfriend made my mind up for me and bought it last week because I am spoiled and he is the best.

Firstly I’m going to put it out there and just say I’m not a Jaclyn Hill fan so my opinion isn’t going to be based on being a subscriber, however a huge congratulations to her, she is one of the YouTube beauty OGs and credit where credit is due.

So I’ll jump right in …

The basics

The packaging is pretty but a bit cheap, the original Morphe palettes are plastic and this one is cardboard so it’s not going to stay pretty for long if you’re anything like me. There is no mirror? That irks me a bit, it’s 37 pound and you get a cardboard pallet with no mirror? The colour names are on the actual packaging it arrives in and not on the palette itself, personally that doesn’t bother me but it might for some.

It has the list of ingredients on the packaging too and when I looked at them I was a bit miffed. The formula is literally almost the same as any other Morphe palette and Jaclyn basically gave out the impression that she had spent so long personally creating the formula. Obviously a collaboration with anyone is going to drive the price point up but on average a Morphe palette is 22 pound, so you are paying 15 pound more for cardboard, no mirror and Jaclyn’s name. If I were paying that much extra from a brands normal price point, I would expect sleeker packaging or a revised formula.


The palette has 35 shades with 5 rows of 7. have to say the colour selection is beautiful With endless amounts of eye looks you can create, there really is something for everyone.

When I swatched the shades on my arm I found it inconsistent, some of the shades were so creamy and others were more hard and a bit chalky, but I do find that issue with Morphe in general. Saying that, I don’t pay too much attention to swatches, I mainly do them because I’m impatient and want to see straight away.

I tried out about four looks in the week using the palette and I basically found the same issue when applying with a brush as I did when I swatched. Some of the shades blend like a dream and are so beautiful, I’d say the bottom right hand of the shades were the issue. I couldn’t get them to blend and they were so patchy but I’m not going to lie, the ones that were good did justify the purchasing of it. The shimmers though, literally have barely any pigment! You know the drill, you start off with dry brush, then fix plus brush, then finger and then fix plus finger! I was so disappointed! My shimmers in some of my make up revolution palettes are absolutely insane and they’re about 8 pound!

Over all thoughts

Over all I am going to say I do like the palette, the pigmentation on most of the shades is beautiful and they are great to blend, it is a shame some of them are hard to work with. Do I think the price point is justified? No. The packaging is cheap, the formula isn’t any better than any other Morphe. 37 pound is a lot of money to some people and I would like to have seen that extra cost put back more into the product.

Would I recommend the palette? Yes I would, it does have such a variation in shades and you can make so many looks with it.

Please remember everything I have said is just my own opinion, no tea no shade to Jaclyn or Morphe. Apart from a few little nags, I think they have created a gorgeous collaboration and a huge congrats.

Thanks for reading! Let me know in the comments what you thought of the palette!

Love love love

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