superdrug & primark haul

I went into town to get my best friend a birthday present and whilst I was shopping I kept seeing things and thinking “do you know who would like that?! Me.” No present’s have been purchased but my bank account is a little bit lighter! I really enjoyed my last haul so I thought I would share my purchases with you all again!

I was in desperate need for some more makeup storage because at the minute my draws and dressing table are a mess! So to help the load I bought this copper basket from primark which was around 3 or 4 pounds but because I am very clever I threw the receipt away, so I can’t remember! I also stocked up on some nails, you know the drill, I’m currently wearing the pink ones and having to type with the ends of them they’re so long! ratchet nails speak to me.


img_0855.jpgI can’t go into primark without picking up earings and I am obsessed over the tassel ones! plus the ones in topshop are about 15 pound and I’m not about to break the bank over something I can get in primark for 2 pound! When the testing primark makeup was doing the rounds on youtube, I kept seeing this palette and a gold highlight is abitta me but every time I went into the store they were all ripped open and had finger marks in all of them, which makes me feel a bit ill! I thought I was onto a winner with this one but when I took off the plastic cover I realised someone had literally dug their finger into the blush shade and I was pissed. Who even swatches like that, the uncultured swine. The palette retails at 5 pound and I think that is great value, I was so shocked at how pigmented they are!Ignore my pale skin and bad nails! I fixed all that after I made my boyfriend take photos! This was an unintentional purchase! I meant to buy the spray and didn’t realise until I got home that it was micellar water! How annoying! I haven’t tried it out yet as I still have another bottle to finish but it did smell amazing. It cost 2.99 which is so good and this range is so good, If you haven’t tried any of it I really recommend it.

 If you read my conceal and define review you will know I wasn’t the biggest fan but i decided to try out the foundation stick regardless. I got the shades c1 and c7, c1 is to lighten up any foundations that are a bit too dark for me and c7 is a pretty good match to my tan. They were five pound each and I can’t wait to review them as I’ve seen so many mixed reviews, I wonder how I’ll get on!These two were just a restock for me, the eye cream is so good and like I said at 2.99 the price point is amazing. The lasting perfection used to be one of my all time drugstore faves and I decided to stock up on it again!If you don’t know the benefits of coconut oil then I question if you have been living under a rock! My hair took a battering as a teenager, bleach and extensions literally frazzled the life out of it, coconut oil is probably the reason I have any hair left! It’s also so good for your skin and there is nothing I love more than just rubbing it all over my body and falling asleep smelling so good. These pots last for ever as well and at 2.49, you can’t go wrong.

 Stocked up on eyelash glue, need I say more? The colour b4 is to strip my ends from a build up of black so I can start the process of going lighter for summer! It stank of rotten eggs but it got rid of all the colour so I am really happy! It did dry my hair out but luckily my coconut oil came in handy! I did get a few bits of clothing but I’ll leave them to instagram! These sock boots were in the sale for ten pound and I think they’ll be great for casual day wear! Forgive the photo! Student houses aren’t the best backdrops!


Thanks so much for reading my lovelies! Hope you had a good nose at what I bought! Let me know in the comments if you enjoy these kinds of posts!

4 thoughts on “superdrug & primark haul

  1. I’m obsessed with the primark nails I’ve been wearing them for nearly 5 years and I still can’t get over that they only cost a couple of pound and last me a week when I can pay £30 for acrylics that grow out so quickly and I have to get taken off in 2 weeks x

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  2. Ooh I love your haul! Omg I can’t believe someone dug their finger right in that palette! It really winds me up that people don’t just swatch from one that’s already opened! You get the stands and there’s at least 10 of each product opened and totally ruined. My local Primark have even started having testers, but you still get those who want to open.the new and sealed ones. Gggrrrhhhhh haha.
    I personally love the Revolution Fastbase Stick, but I have dry skin, so that may be why.
    I’m really surprised that more people don’t speak about the Superdrug skincare more. They have a great range to match skin type and problem areas. I’m using the moisturiser for dehydrated skin and really enjoying it xx


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