NYX haul and first impressions

NYX is that brand constantly hyped in the blogging world and in the youtube community as the godfather of drugstore, but it was a brand I had fairly little urge or desire to really investigate. I had a few glosses and the liquid lip lingerie collection but they were never my favourite formulas or products I reached for on a daily basis. There also wasn’t a NYX counter at my local boots until fairly recently and I wasn’t really jumping to order drug store online. Saying that, it is undeniable how popular it is among gurus and influencers alike, so I decided (in the space of four seconds of walking into boots) to spend too much money on figuring the brand out.

The first thing I think I want to say is that although it is drugstore, it isn’t all that cheap? I wanted to pick up the ultimate brights palette but it was SMALL and EXPENSIVE. If I paid a few pounds more I could purchase the morphe palette and get way more product, so I changed my mind on that!

Anyway, I’ll just tell you what I bought and what I thought? that would be a good start right?

Pore Filler Primer

I think I will start off with a firm favourite! I really, really like this primer. I have quite large pores over my nose and cheeks, hence why the benefit poreffesional has been my all time favourite primer however, at £22 a pop, if there is a cheaper alternative it must be tried! I would say this is a great dupe, granted I don’t think it is as blurring as the porefessional but it certainly gives it a run for its money! You get 9m of product which is pretty standard and it comes out a bit peachy toned but blends in quite clear. A little goes a long way and it has a lovely matte finish, for those with dry skin you will definitely need a hidrating moisturiser underneath. I think this may be my new day time primer but I will stick to porefessional for night-time antics! It was too warm on holiday for foundation so I wore this on its own with some bronzer and highlight, it made my skin look so smooth! So I would say under foundation or on its own it really is a winner! Although I will say if you go in a bit heavy-handed and apply to much, it can pill underneath your foundation, if you don’t know what pilling is it is when your product balls up! No one wants peeling foundation! The primer costs £11 and is available at boots.

Total control drop foundation

For a drugstore foundation, I thought this was pretty pricey at £14, if taken into consideration how much I love the maybelline matte and poreless maybelline matte and poreless, which is such a bargain at £6.99! I have never used a drop foundation though so I was really excited to see how this worked, anything with a pipette excites me. I gave it a good shake and started dropping it onto my face which was MESSY. I got it everywhere which is no surprise because its me and im clumsy as hell. As a drop foundation it was exceptionally runny and I gave up with the straight to face application and dropped it all into my little mixing palette. I thought with it being so … wet? that it would have sheer coverage similar to Mac face and body however I was pleasantly surprised. It was so, so buildable. Saying that, when applying it I really wasn’t in love with it. You know when you apply a new foundation and you get that “god damn” moment? Sadly, no such moment happened. I didn’t dislike the finish on it but I wasn’t like jesus take the wheel! where has this product been all my life?! The end result combined with the concealer I’ll mention in a minute was nice but I did find it settled into my creases after a while and I could see it separating. As a matte finish this can often be hit and miss with me because I have normal skin but go through phases of dry. I don’t think I’ll be reaching for this too often, perhaps only on occasions where I know I’ll be wearing it for short periods of time.

HD studio photogenic concealer

I expected wham, bam, full coverage mam! The name really suggested that to me! but it really isn’t, I’ve heard raving reviews about this and I would be lying if I said I was overly impressed. Like i said with the foundation the finish was nice but it just didn’t over awe me and I have drug store concealers that blow my mind away, like the maybelline age rewind. I found the doe foot applicater to be really hard and uncomfortable to use, that may be me being picky but … why? The price is good at £6, no complaints, but I probably won’t repurchase. It blended nicely, didn’t cling and didn’t dry down super fast but it was just a bit meh, I don’t have that much to say about it! I could live without it is all im saying.

Matte finish setting spray

Setting sprays are often a bit of a myth to me? do they work? can you tell? I dunno hun? I tend to use them when I go on nights out just to avoid looking like a powdery cake face but often I have relatively little to no idea if they improve the length of wear of my makeup. However this one, really did it what it said on the tin. I could tell it visibly mattified my foundation, which means maybe it would work better with more of a dewy foundation if you don’t want that matte flat face look, which im sure you don’t! But if you’re after a mattifying spray I really would recommend this! although when I picked it up i thought maybe it was the travel size however i was informed it’s not! 60ml seems a bit small but who knows? the application is nice and doesn’t just spit at you, it’s a really nice even mist. As I said, I would recommend this spray for anyone who really just wants a no-nonsense mattifying setting spray. The price of the spray was £7 which to me, is pretty reasonable!

Black Eye and eyebrow pencil

yikes, don’t know about eyebrow pencil but as an eyeliner it certainly does the job. I don’t really wear eyeliner that much, I think I may have PTSD from the black panda eyes of my 14-year-old self! But I have decided to try to incorporate it back into my makeup, especially when summer is over and my eye looks will be much darker and vampy! I really liked this pencil, It didn’t transfer or disappear from my waterline! I think at £3.50 it is a steal! I will for sure repurchase this when it runs out!

Lip liner in hot red and matte lipstick in pure red

The perfect red lip combo is a must for summer, am I right? One of the things that encouraged me to wanting to try NYX out was the claim that their lip liners were one to challenge macs at a heavily reduced price point, big claim. Yet, I have to agree with this, it was creamy yet sturdy, no smudging on application, winner. The lipstick was ok, it was a matte finish and was pretty pigmented but I wasn’t in love. I found it to be more pinky than a pure red as well, which was a tad annoying. Saying that, it’s a drug store lipstick, what did I expect? I will definitely going back for more lip liners and I would say I would reach for the lipstick again. The lipstick cost £7 which isn’t a lot but I have had better for cheaper and the liner was £4, which I am here for.

Soft matte lip cream in stockholm

This is one of the products I have previously purchased from Nyx, like I said, the formula isn’t my fave but they do the job. This colour is a lovely peachy nude and is the perfect chuck in your handbag and go product. I find they can be a bit drying but if you exfoliate properly before you use them you should have no issues. The price is reasonable at £6 and I no complaints from this gal.

So, because I have hordes of makeup and not enough storage, a lot of it is tucked away in boxes and I couldn’t seem to find this for a picture! Apologies! Worst blogger!

Worth the hype mascara

Because I spent over a certain amount of money (I can’t remember what sorry folks) I received this travel sized mascara as a gift! I tend to stick to maybelline mascaras because they’re absolutely bomb and cost you next to nothing but it’s always fun to try out others right? so does this stand up to its name and is this really worth the hype? not at all. it fell a bit flat for me if I’m honest, I don’t think it really did anything. The wand was nice but the formula was just that bit too dry! I don’t think I will even keep this product it might just go in the bin!

So my overall thoughts of Nyx as a brand? some hits and some misses, as with all drug store brands! Do I still think it is pricey for a drug store brand? yes and no! I think I am going to have to buy the palette to see if it is £18 good! I loved the primer, eye and lip liner so I will definitely be investigating into the brand further! Hope you enjoyed my haul and found it useful! What other brands do I really need to be checking out? let me know in the comments!

love you byeeee

L’oreal Back to Bronze Review

Bronzers are such a touchy subject for me, I often struggle to find ones I love and have pretty much been repurchasing Hoola by benefit for the past 4 years! Like every makeup addict I don’t feel happy with just the one product! I need more! So when I saw the 3 for 2 offer in superdrug I decided to try out the L’oreal Back to Bronze. It appealed to me immediately due to it being warm toned but not too orange and also because it was a matte bronzer so there are no glittery specs! All about the natural bronze!

The Back to Bronze is from L’oreals Glow range which I am kicking myself for not getting the rest of the products in the deal! I am trying really hard to not buy anymore makeup because I am off to Spain next week and will be hitting up sephora so watch out for that haul! Anyway should I probably review the actual product?

The product itself applies beautifully and is so buildable. Like I said the colour is a gorgeous warm tone and it doesn’t go ashy grey like sooo many other drug store bronzers can. Again, the matte finish has no shimmer to it but still provides a beautiful glow! I contour with the Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contour palette and with this bronzer they make a perfect combination! If I am going for a more natural look I just apply the bronzer where the sun naturally hits my face such as the cheeks, forehead and chin. If you like a sun-kissed or even a deeper bronzed look I think this product is great to achieve both.

The packaging is nice, appropriate for the price point if you catch my drift. I didn’t even realise that it had a brush compartment on the underside of it until a few days into using it! Talk about dense! I can’t review the brush for you because I tend to stick to my own as I’ve had bad experiences with the free brushes in makeup! However for 8.99 that is a nice touch!

The only issue I would say is that this is the only shade available, so although it is buildable it isn’t massively inclusive which is bad form from L’oreal. Saying that, I really do think I will be repurchasing this product again. I like it just as much as my hoola and at pretty much half of the price I may be converted! Thanks for reading my loves! Also a little mention that I am almost at 1k on instagram! Which is insane to me, in about 7 months of blogging I have achieved way more than I ever thought I would and I am beyond grateful! Thanks you so much to all you I appreciate each and every one of you so much!




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