Anastasia Beverly Hills, Soft Glam review

Anastasia Beverly Hills is probably my safe brand, I know that whatever the product I buy, the quality is always going to impress me.  The Modern Renaissance palette had, in my opinion, the biggest most deserved hype surrounding its release, which is exceptionally hard for a brand to achieve on a none influencer collaborated product. Speaking of which, I always struggle with influencer collaborations, other people get so excited and rave about them but I always think is the quality going to be there? is it worth the price point? if it is a pile of shite are people going to defend it because they stan?! (morphe vaults: all tea, all shade) So when a brand like ABH release a product on the quality level of the Modern Renaissance, I get excited because you can see the passion, creativity and hard work. Yet if I am being totally honest, although I can appreciate the following releases from ABH, the shade selections were not my cup of tea, until the Soft Glam palette was released. I have had this palette for so long, but my last year of university took over my life and I hadn’t got around to using it, nevermind reviewing it.

This palette looks like Lana Turner in a velvet box. For someone that leaves my house once in a blue moon, soft glam is my favourite style and it really just gives me old Hollywood, red carpet, Kim Kardashian kind of vibes. The packaging is lovely but my biggest complaint with the velvet is that it gets so dirty. This is no way affects the quality of the product but who doesn’t want a pretty and clean makeup setup? It comes with a double ended brush, one side for packing and one for blending, normally brushes that come with palettes end up in my bin however I find the ABH ones good enough quality to pop in my brush collection. The shades consist of nine mattes, two pressed glitters and three shimmers.


  • Tempera: Ultra-matte velvety beige
  • Glistening: Iridescent gold with a hint of pink reflect
  • Orange Soda: Ultra-matte pastel peach
  • Rose Pink: Rose gold with a soft pink iridescent hue
  • Sultry: A hybrid satin metallic finish warm chocolate brown
  • Bronze: Metallic gold bronze
  • Mulberry: Ultra-matte mulberry
  • Dusty Rose: Ultra-matte dusty lilac
  • Fairy: Multi-dimensional light gold
  • Burnt Orange: Ultra-matte deep orange
  • Sienna: Ultra-matte earthy brown
  • Rustic: Ultra-matte deep cinnamon brown
  • Cyprus Umber: Ultra-matte dark coffee
  • Noir: Ultra-matte deep carbon black

Some of the shades swatched a bit chalky, more so Rustic, Cyprus Umber and Noir, but having used the palette I can say that the swatches do them no justice and I had no issue packing/blending them in. The palette does have a fair bit of kick back, yet I am willing to forgive that due to the quality of the pigment. The palette is clearly pressed loosely in order to give maximum pigment and I didn’t find there to be too much fall out on my actual face when applying. I would recommend doing your eyes first (as any sane person should, don’t @ me) before your foundation. They blend like a dream and I found that they didn’t stick at the one part of my eye that for some reason, refuses to let eyeshadow sit properly.

Short but sweet, I love this palette, soft glam looks are my personal favourite and this is a palette that will work for beginners and professionals! You can purchase this palette for £46 at Beauty Bay and Cult Beauty!


Choosing your TEFL

Hopefully, if you’re reading this it is because you have heard about TEFL’s and are just as confused as I was when I first started to research them. There is so much information on the internet it’s easy to get overwhelmed, trust me because I was! If you’re here because you’re a bit nosy, also like me, a TEFL is the acronym commonly used for teaching English as a foreign language. For you to gain jobs, and in many countries visas, you must have an accredited certificate by a reputable school. There are online and practical courses which range from 20 hours to 120 hours, but most schools look for 120 hours so I would focus on those in your search. Of course, the practical courses are more beneficial but online is still accepted and often a more convenient and affordable option.

Choosing the right course to gain the qualification to teach English as a foreign language really depends on the reason you’re applying to it in the first place. Are you looking for a gap year opportunity after you graduate? Where do you want to go? Do you want to teach adults or children? Is this a serious career change/path you wish to follow? What lifestyle do you want to have and will your salary support this?   

Asking yourselves these questions is so important when it comes to choosing the right TEFL course because there are THOUSANDS on the internet, ranging from Groupon £18 to courses costing upwards of £1500! I spent hours and hours scouring the internet trying to choose mine but eventually, I landed a teaching position that paid for my TEFL and provides me with teacher training upon my arrival in Beijing. My position will be within a training school, so I won’t be working in a public or private school. Training schools are great for people like me with little to no teaching experience as the amount of training and assistance will be invaluable when I arrive. Training schools do actually come with the downfall that the pay tends to not be as high but I decided to compromise on that in value of the training provided. As I said, you really need to ask yourself some questions regarding your reasons, hopes and motivations for choosing a TEFL course and ESL career.

How much can you spend and does the cost match your intentions? If you are looking to move away for a year, enjoy a new culture and get some teaching experience, are you really going to spend over a grand on a course? The most expensive course is also not always the best, when I was looking I found some companies charging an arm and a leg when they weren’t even accredited! They must, must, MUST be accredited by an external body, ‘recognised worldwide’ is a ploy and you will pay the very heavy price for no real qualification. It totally depends on how much you want to spend and as I said, are your intentions for getting a TEFL going to justify the most expensive? If not, work out what you can afford and do your research.

Have other teachers in a similar position to you used this school? Any School worth their salt will be open and honest, email and ask if it is possible to speak to any former teachers on their experiences with gaining the qualification through that school. Search their social media, see if they have been tagged by real people, be an absolute stalker and dm/message that person and say I’m sorry to be a weirdo but do you mind answering some questions? If they do they’ll block you and you’ll feel like a gimp and if they don’t they’ll answer you and you could save yourself from being scammed or you may find the perfect course for you! The internet is your best friend in this case and there are literally thousands of people in the same position as you who are more than willing to help. Join groups on Facebook, when I first started I just typed TEFL into the search bar and so many groups came up with people posting, asking questions and posting job opportunities daily! Go with your gut, often if it seems to good to be true it is, trust yourself and just be smart.

Where do you want to live? The ESL teaching market truly is worldwide and the course should prepare you for the specific location you wish to teach! My research showed me that those wishing to teach in Spain must have exam preparation skills and telephone teaching! Yet in China, where I will be based, there was an emphasis on teaching adults, children and online/ via Skype. Not only for the sake of your TEFL but for your sake too. TEFL providers can often and really should offer you assistance with looking for job vacancies, accommodation, visas, bank accounts and legal paperwork. You will need police background checks and in most cases, you will need a degree that needs to be authenticated by a solicitor. Visa processes can be long and expensive but your TEFL provider should guide you through it.

You also need to think is this country really somewhere that interests me, is the history and culture appealing? Obviously, that isn’t something you can really know until you arrive, but it would be daft to apply for a job in somewhere like Peru when you have no interest in learning Spanish, no desire to learn about the Inca’s and you’re not a big fan of Ceviche! I chose Beijing for several reasons!

          Location: I really wanted to move somewhere that was easily accessible to the rest of Asia but was still a big city. As much as I’d love to be a beach bum in Thailand, I wanted to maintain certain aspects of my current lifestyle.

The language: Mandarin is the most commonly spoken native language in the world and as China’s economy and influence continues to grow in the Western World, I quite frankly want to be able to put it on my CV. Luckily my company offers free Mandarin lessons! I’ll be Ni hao-ing all over the joint soon!

Cost of living: As with any Capital City, the rent in Beijing will be relatively higher than other cities in China, excluding Shanghai. Yet researching the cost of living for a city is fairly easy and the cost of living in Beijing appears to be relatively low. Of course, it all depends on how you spend your money! I ultimately wanted to live somewhere I could afford a few meals out, enjoy a couple (or triple) beers with my friends, some holidays and the odd pair of shoes every now and then! Googling the cost of milk, bread, public transport, beer, cinema tickets and an average meal out is a good way to figure this all out for yourself.

The history: I am a history nerd and although I studied Medieval European history, the history of China is so appealing. I think there a few countries and cities that can offer such an up-close and personal view of their history and culture. Catch me at the great wall and the summer palace this Autumn! I can hardly wait!

I’m not going to offer you a list of TEFL courses I think you should take because ultimately I am not going to recommend something that I did not take myself! I just hope this post is a bit of food for thought for you and the questions you should be asking yourself before you start an application for a TEFL!  Do you have any experience with TEFL’s? let me know in the comments if I have missed anything out!


Life Update: Finishing Uni and Moving to China

Today I’m bringing something quite different to the blog, but the fact that I’m actually bringing something to the blog is a shock in itself! I hadn’t quite appreciated how busy my third and final year of University was going to be, but better late than never right? I do enjoy reading these kinds of post’s so I thought I would share with you what’s been going on and what my plans are for the near future.

I have finally finished university graduating with a 2:1 in history from the University of Hull. My university experience has been amazing at times and horrendous at others but I am leaving having met the absolute lights of my life friendship group. I am feeling bittersweet about graduating, part of me thinks: oh thank god, I’m 25 it’s time to finally get on with life, yet the other half is all: I don’t want to have to think about real-world problems! The fear set in around Christmas time, what am I going to do after I leave? I don’t even have a job lined up! Do I do a masters? Where will I move too? But after thinking about it I realised I just really wanted to travel. I get the fear in my tummy of am I actually going to do something worth while with my time? The issue I had with that is I am not a saver. Money sitting unspent in my bank account is not something I cope very well with, pretty little thing emails me 25% off code and I’ve just pissed money into the wind. So I started to look at internships abroad, literally anywhere, I was a woman possessed! Yet it posed the same problem as Anna can’t not spend money on nice things and internships rarely pay well, if at all.

So I kept looking and found teaching opportunities in Asia, I had never considered teaching and when I told my family I was considering it the looks of: Anna want’s to enter a profession she has never thought about that requires her to be tolerant was startling. Yet the more I thought about it, the more appealing it was to me. I started to apply to a few companies and received responses but some of them seemed a bit iffy to me. They were saying they could pay £2500 month but no mention of a working visa and it just felt a bit like a scam, so I started to be really careful about where I was applying. The one job I really wanted stated that if they didn’t reply within three days then I would be unsuccessful, after three days and no contact I was pretty disappointed. They ended up offering me an interview two weeks later so hope wasn’t lost! After a series of interviews, they offered me a job in their Beijing school! Which included them paying for my TEFL certificate, paying for my Chinese visa and my flights!

Then the moment of holy shit why am I moving to China by myself?! Luckily my best friend had that moment of holy shit too and decided to come along! I referred her to my school and she got offered the job, we fly out 4th September and I can’t wait for our adventures. We already have Thailand planned in October so watch out for that post! We want to try and travel Asia as much as possible, if you have any recommendations please leave a comment and let me know! I don’t know if you have noticed but I’ve also had a bit of a makeover on here, I decided to steer away from “the beauty edit”, that isn’t to say I won’t have beauty related content but it just wasn’t inspiring me anymore, I want to branch out and move onto content I love creating. I’m also going to try and get an upload schedule, as this is my second post of 2019! Can I even call myself a blogger??

Thanks for reading loves






Irum Cosmetics review

Hey babe,

long time, no see! Life has been pretty hectic the past month! First I had my holiday to Paris and then straight away moved back to uni for my third and final year! So I have been pretty damn crap with my blog, apologies huns x

Livin’ my best life in Paris


I am back with a skin care review! The lovely team at Irum cosmetics reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in receiving their clay mask and argan oil, obvs I said yes, who doesn’t love organic, vegan skin care! As I was hashtag gifted these products, I’ll start off by saying all views, opinions, shit puns are my own and are in no way influenced by the brand.

As a gal who wears a shit tonne of makeup daily and also has the life motto of ‘you’re only as good as your base’, it’s important for me to have amazing skin and by extension, amazing skin care. So I do have pretty high standards when it comes to what I put on my face, I’ll let you read the rest of the review to see how I got on!


Pure & Organic Green Clay mask powder

Contains 100g of Product

  • No added chemicals or preservatives
  • Ingredients: 100% Pure Green Clay – Bentonite
  • Vegan
  • Not tested on animals

As the mask comes in powder form the packaging was perfect, the jar seals securely to prevent any nasty spills and is safe to shove in an overnight bag if you’re travelling. I also love the design, it gives me severe holistic/morrocan vibes, which is perfect for an organic, vegan and natural treatment.

I followed the instructions on the jar and mixed a tsp of clay with some water to create a paste. I actually do all masks that need to be mixed at home into a mixing bowl made for hair dye and use one of the brushes to slap it on my face because I am super lazy. The paste was a really nice consistency, not too runny and not too thick which made for a really nice application. As soon as the mask was applied to my skin it felt so cooling and refreshing, the smell was mild and not overpowering which is a massive plus from me, if you have read my blogs before you’ll know how much I complain about strong smells in products. After about ten minutes the clay started to dry and oh my god did it dry, I looked like a Gian Lorenzo Bernini sculpture, circa 1446.


pardon Shrek x

After waiting the full twenty minutes I washed it off with warm water and a muslin cloth to make sure there was no residue or any in my hair-line because I am dense and often miss it. My skin felt like a dream, so soft but very tight. I have normal skin which has the odd stint of dry so I do everything I can to keep it moisturised, you will definitely need a moisturising product after the mask although it does say it is for all skin types. My skin was noticeably less textured, so if that is something you suffer from I think this mask would be great for you. The website claims that it can help battle acne but as I am not someone who suffers from spots or acne, I can’t comment on that however, it could be worth a try?

My overall thoughts are that I really cannot fault this mask, it felt luxurious to apply, made my skin feel amazing and as its vegan, totally guilt free. The mask retails for £7.99 (which I think is so affordable considering how amazing the product is) and is available on the Irum cosmetics website.

Irum Argan Oil

Contains 100ml of product

  • Not Tested On Animals
  • Alcohol & Paraben Free
  • No added chemicals or preservatives
  • Ingredients: Argania Spinosa Kemal Oil

The packaging for the argan oil was again, like the mask, really gorgeous. The bottle is so sturdy so I have no fears popping this in my wash bag to take away with me. Argan oil is pretty self-explanatory, you know when to pop it into your skin routine however I used this EVERYWHERE. Cuticle oil, ends of my hair, the new stretch marks that have popped up on my arse just for bants, on my legs after I shaved and even as a primer with some of my more dry foundations. I have been bathing in argan oil for the past three weeks and I refuse to turn back. It can feel a wee bit greasy on application but it melts into the skin pretty sharpish, so that feeling doesn’t linger. I have recently bleached my hair so my ends were feeling a bit like sad but I have washed my hair, applied some oil to the ends and then slept in it a few times now and its made a world of difference.

Overall I feel like I have found a new holy grail, using the oil after the mask was the perfect combination and my skin has been so glowy. It is the perfect product to keep my skin hydrated and soft as we go into harsher winter weather. The product retails for £18.75 and is again, available on the Irum cosmetics website. The oil is a tad more pricey than the mask but you do get so much product, I can see it lasting ages.

A huge thanks to Irum cosmetics for sending me these goodies, let me know in the comments if you try them out, which I really recommend you do!





Saving ££ with Derma V10

Hello my angels I am back at it again with a skin care review! Let me start off with the most boring of disclaimers but necessary, I was gifted these products but this post is not sponsored and my opinions, as always, are my own and are in no way influenced by the brand.

Face masks are probably my favourite part of my skin care routine, often after a bad day applying a face mask is quite therapeutic and can feel like I’m washing all the crap from the day away with it. So when Derma V10 got in contact with me asking if I would like to be sent their clay mask range I was like is the Pope Catholic?

My first impressions upon receiving the masks were erm dupe alert?? Hello L’oreal Pure Clay Masks? The packaging was the first similarity I noticed, alongside the different colours? flavours?! themes?! I don’t know! But the L’oreal masks used to be a firm favourite of mine, so I was more than intrigued to see if these face masks, which were a fraction of the price, were in any way similar.

I was kindly sent three types, the red algae to brighten, the charcoal to detox and the eucalyptus to Purify. They each contain 50ml of product, which apparently will last up to 10 applications and each has the same application technique, apply to a cleansed face for 10-15 minutes and remove with warm water. Here on the beauty edit, I love a simple skin care routine.

Derma V10 Clay Mask With Eucalyptus

Derma V10 claim: Our rich creamy clay mask with added Eucalyptus extract penetrates deep into the skin leaving skin purified and smooth. Also contains Vitamin E and Honey to help nourish, soothe and moisture the skin keeping it soft and supple. 

The green mask was the first that I tried and the first thing I noticed was the smell. I am very sensitive to smells and often even slightly fragrance products can set me off with a headache that is difficult to shift. The fragrance wasn’t so strong after I had applied but it wasn’t my cup of tea, although the smell was in no way unpleasant, it was just a tad much. My skin after the application did feel incredibly smooth, babies bum kind of vibes. I had no irritation and my skin was actually going through a very sensitive spot, so I was really happy because even my most gentle products were making me flare up.

Derma V10 Clay Mask with Red algae

Derma V10 claim: Our rich creamy clay mask with Walnut Shell exfoliates the skin while the added Red Algae soothes and brightens the skin’s surface. Also contains Vitamin E and Honey to help nourish, soothe and moisture the skin keeping it soft and supple.

Erm, is it just me or did they say the same thing about the last mask…? That is a bit lazy but oh well, it’s not all about the description! This mask was my favourite, although it isn’t one I think I could use as regularly as the others due to it being an exfoliant. The Walnut shell was a great, my skin felt so soft afterwards and I could visibly see the effects it had on my pores. It had a similar smell to the others but this time I was ready for it and It didn’t give me a shock.

Derma V10 Clay mask with charcoal

Derma V10 claim: Our rich creamy clay mask with added Charcoal penetrates deep into the skin absorbing impurities and removing excess oil. Also contains Vitamin E and Honey to help nourish, soothe and moisture the skin keeping it soft and supple 

The past few years has seen a rise in the hype of charcoal in the beauty community hasn’t it? For good reason too! Charcoal is a bit of a paradox, it just doesn’t sound right but it is great for cleansing and toning the skin. I personally think this mask is great, my face felt so fresh and clean, which is all you can really ask from a face mask, right?

These masks retail at £1.99 EACH! Combined that is less than the price for ONE of the L’oreal masks. I would be lying if I said the L’oreal had any significantly better qualities! I also believe they will last over ten uses, I have used each of mine a good 4/5 times and have barely hit the halfway mark!

Often in the beauty community we can sucked in my anti-ageing/anti-wrinkle/will turn back the time and you will be a 19-year-old, size 8 goddess. The reality is there are very few products that can even scratch the surface of those claims, at the very most, we should be asking for something that makes our skin feel smooth, cleansed and relaxes us. Which these face masks definitely do. As I said, sometimes a face mask is more about the feeling of looking after yourself than it is about turning back the clock and looking like you did in the late noughties.

You can purchase the Derma V10 masks at Amazon, Fragrance Direct and the Range. All retailing from £1.99

Do yourself a favour, pour yourself a large glass of vino and put a face mask on. We all deserve it. Thanks for reading and thank you to Derma V10 for getting in touch with me, what an amazing first year my blogging experience has been, being contacted by brands is truly an amazing feeling! Love you loads and loads and loads!

No more poreblems!?

I am that bitch. I never get spots, my skin isn’t textured and I have normal skin type.


 there is a but! I’ve got some poreblems.   ( not apologising for the pun)

If you have read my blog before you will know that I always use a pore filling primer like the NYX Pore Filler because I have rather large, large, large, LARGE, pores on my cheeks. Not my nose, just my cheeks? is this normal? help a sister out? Anyway, I always seek out products that claim to reduce the appearance of those pesky holes in the face nobody asked for but for some reason the vast majority of us have received. Nothing has ever really worked, occasionally I will see a difference on the first use but then after that, the magics gone and I am once again … porous?

That was until I discovered my ultimate pore tackling combo. I am actually getting a bit sicky at the word pore now but there is nothing synonymous for me to use so we will just carry on. Does anyone else have any words that just gross them out??


I went into TK MAXX with my sister – with no intentions of spending any money but here we are… again – saw that they had Nip n Fab skin care in. I didn’t know much about Nip n Fab, was it high end? was it drug store? what’s the craic?

My sister told me she had received the Glycolic Instant Fix Mask in one of her subscription boxes and recommended it to me. (If you watch my insta hauls you will know I purchased this about a month ago so I have given myself a long time to test these out, just so I can see the long term results)

I also picked up The Viper Venom Fix Blurring Shot and The Viper Venom Micro Blur fix, which is a primer. I tried the primer out a few times but I was not sold, it did nothing for me. I’m not going to lie but I can’t even remember why I didn’t like it, I just remember it looking like a sack of shit.

The two other products on the other hand, have become holy grails.  Combined these two products are like cheese and crackers, Chrissy Tiegen and John Legend, 2008 and dream matte mousse!

*heart eyes*

I use the face mask about three times a week. Normally I will cleanse my skin, jump in the bath to open up it all up a bit and then put on a thin layer on, for the recommended ten minutes, washing it off with warm water – If you have sensitive skin I would recommend doing a patch test because it can be a bit spicy!

Here are the main ingredients and what they claim to do:

      glycolic acid: retextures + resurfaces. Reduces appearance of fine lines + wrinkles 
evermat&trade: minimizes pore size, reduces shine, refines skin tone 
amino acid: skin brightener, helps fade age-spots, improves clarity + evenness of skin tone 
glycerin: moisturises, revives + helps restore skin suppleness

From my experience, I really have to agree. I’m only 24 so I can’t really speak for wrinkles but my fine lines are reduced and my pores are so minimal now. I would say that it can sometimes feel a bit on the dryer side straight after but that is when I move in with the rest of my skin care routine.

The Viper venom shot I use in both my morning and evening skin care routine. The product says you can add to moisturiser or serum for a blurring effect of applied straight to the skin as a concentrate. I personally apply it straight to the skin and my skin does look flawless and blurred.

Nip & Fab Claim the ingredients:

5x concentrated Syn®-Ake: smooths and softens
soft focus powders: mattifying + instant blurring effect

tightening complex: immediate lifting effect

 Does what it says on the tin. 

These two products have CHANGED my skincare routine game up and by extension my makeup because you are only ever as good as your base. Both of these products are available on the Nip & Fab website and I believe both are in the sale!

Thank you for reading my angels, as always let me know in the comments what you think! Also a quick word to say I know my posting has been all over the shop recently but hopefully I will be uploading every Wednesday and Sunday as of next week!

Love you! Bye!

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NYX haul and first impressions

NYX is that brand constantly hyped in the blogging world and in the youtube community as the godfather of drugstore, but it was a brand I had fairly little urge or desire to really investigate. I had a few glosses and the liquid lip lingerie collection but they were never my favourite formulas or products I reached for on a daily basis. There also wasn’t a NYX counter at my local boots until fairly recently and I wasn’t really jumping to order drug store online. Saying that, it is undeniable how popular it is among gurus and influencers alike, so I decided (in the space of four seconds of walking into boots) to spend too much money on figuring the brand out.

The first thing I think I want to say is that although it is drugstore, it isn’t all that cheap? I wanted to pick up the ultimate brights palette but it was SMALL and EXPENSIVE. If I paid a few pounds more I could purchase the morphe palette and get way more product, so I changed my mind on that!

Anyway, I’ll just tell you what I bought and what I thought? that would be a good start right?

Pore Filler Primer

I think I will start off with a firm favourite! I really, really like this primer. I have quite large pores over my nose and cheeks, hence why the benefit poreffesional has been my all time favourite primer however, at £22 a pop, if there is a cheaper alternative it must be tried! I would say this is a great dupe, granted I don’t think it is as blurring as the porefessional but it certainly gives it a run for its money! You get 9m of product which is pretty standard and it comes out a bit peachy toned but blends in quite clear. A little goes a long way and it has a lovely matte finish, for those with dry skin you will definitely need a hidrating moisturiser underneath. I think this may be my new day time primer but I will stick to porefessional for night-time antics! It was too warm on holiday for foundation so I wore this on its own with some bronzer and highlight, it made my skin look so smooth! So I would say under foundation or on its own it really is a winner! Although I will say if you go in a bit heavy-handed and apply to much, it can pill underneath your foundation, if you don’t know what pilling is it is when your product balls up! No one wants peeling foundation! The primer costs £11 and is available at boots.

Total control drop foundation

For a drugstore foundation, I thought this was pretty pricey at £14, if taken into consideration how much I love the maybelline matte and poreless maybelline matte and poreless, which is such a bargain at £6.99! I have never used a drop foundation though so I was really excited to see how this worked, anything with a pipette excites me. I gave it a good shake and started dropping it onto my face which was MESSY. I got it everywhere which is no surprise because its me and im clumsy as hell. As a drop foundation it was exceptionally runny and I gave up with the straight to face application and dropped it all into my little mixing palette. I thought with it being so … wet? that it would have sheer coverage similar to Mac face and body however I was pleasantly surprised. It was so, so buildable. Saying that, when applying it I really wasn’t in love with it. You know when you apply a new foundation and you get that “god damn” moment? Sadly, no such moment happened. I didn’t dislike the finish on it but I wasn’t like jesus take the wheel! where has this product been all my life?! The end result combined with the concealer I’ll mention in a minute was nice but I did find it settled into my creases after a while and I could see it separating. As a matte finish this can often be hit and miss with me because I have normal skin but go through phases of dry. I don’t think I’ll be reaching for this too often, perhaps only on occasions where I know I’ll be wearing it for short periods of time.

HD studio photogenic concealer

I expected wham, bam, full coverage mam! The name really suggested that to me! but it really isn’t, I’ve heard raving reviews about this and I would be lying if I said I was overly impressed. Like i said with the foundation the finish was nice but it just didn’t over awe me and I have drug store concealers that blow my mind away, like the maybelline age rewind. I found the doe foot applicater to be really hard and uncomfortable to use, that may be me being picky but … why? The price is good at £6, no complaints, but I probably won’t repurchase. It blended nicely, didn’t cling and didn’t dry down super fast but it was just a bit meh, I don’t have that much to say about it! I could live without it is all im saying.

Matte finish setting spray

Setting sprays are often a bit of a myth to me? do they work? can you tell? I dunno hun? I tend to use them when I go on nights out just to avoid looking like a powdery cake face but often I have relatively little to no idea if they improve the length of wear of my makeup. However this one, really did it what it said on the tin. I could tell it visibly mattified my foundation, which means maybe it would work better with more of a dewy foundation if you don’t want that matte flat face look, which im sure you don’t! But if you’re after a mattifying spray I really would recommend this! although when I picked it up i thought maybe it was the travel size however i was informed it’s not! 60ml seems a bit small but who knows? the application is nice and doesn’t just spit at you, it’s a really nice even mist. As I said, I would recommend this spray for anyone who really just wants a no-nonsense mattifying setting spray. The price of the spray was £7 which to me, is pretty reasonable!

Black Eye and eyebrow pencil

yikes, don’t know about eyebrow pencil but as an eyeliner it certainly does the job. I don’t really wear eyeliner that much, I think I may have PTSD from the black panda eyes of my 14-year-old self! But I have decided to try to incorporate it back into my makeup, especially when summer is over and my eye looks will be much darker and vampy! I really liked this pencil, It didn’t transfer or disappear from my waterline! I think at £3.50 it is a steal! I will for sure repurchase this when it runs out!

Lip liner in hot red and matte lipstick in pure red

The perfect red lip combo is a must for summer, am I right? One of the things that encouraged me to wanting to try NYX out was the claim that their lip liners were one to challenge macs at a heavily reduced price point, big claim. Yet, I have to agree with this, it was creamy yet sturdy, no smudging on application, winner. The lipstick was ok, it was a matte finish and was pretty pigmented but I wasn’t in love. I found it to be more pinky than a pure red as well, which was a tad annoying. Saying that, it’s a drug store lipstick, what did I expect? I will definitely going back for more lip liners and I would say I would reach for the lipstick again. The lipstick cost £7 which isn’t a lot but I have had better for cheaper and the liner was £4, which I am here for.

Soft matte lip cream in stockholm

This is one of the products I have previously purchased from Nyx, like I said, the formula isn’t my fave but they do the job. This colour is a lovely peachy nude and is the perfect chuck in your handbag and go product. I find they can be a bit drying but if you exfoliate properly before you use them you should have no issues. The price is reasonable at £6 and I no complaints from this gal.

So, because I have hordes of makeup and not enough storage, a lot of it is tucked away in boxes and I couldn’t seem to find this for a picture! Apologies! Worst blogger!

Worth the hype mascara

Because I spent over a certain amount of money (I can’t remember what sorry folks) I received this travel sized mascara as a gift! I tend to stick to maybelline mascaras because they’re absolutely bomb and cost you next to nothing but it’s always fun to try out others right? so does this stand up to its name and is this really worth the hype? not at all. it fell a bit flat for me if I’m honest, I don’t think it really did anything. The wand was nice but the formula was just that bit too dry! I don’t think I will even keep this product it might just go in the bin!

So my overall thoughts of Nyx as a brand? some hits and some misses, as with all drug store brands! Do I still think it is pricey for a drug store brand? yes and no! I think I am going to have to buy the palette to see if it is £18 good! I loved the primer, eye and lip liner so I will definitely be investigating into the brand further! Hope you enjoyed my haul and found it useful! What other brands do I really need to be checking out? let me know in the comments!

love you byeeee

L’oreal Back to Bronze Review

Bronzers are such a touchy subject for me, I often struggle to find ones I love and have pretty much been repurchasing Hoola by benefit for the past 4 years! Like every makeup addict I don’t feel happy with just the one product! I need more! So when I saw the 3 for 2 offer in superdrug I decided to try out the L’oreal Back to Bronze. It appealed to me immediately due to it being warm toned but not too orange and also because it was a matte bronzer so there are no glittery specs! All about the natural bronze!

The Back to Bronze is from L’oreals Glow range which I am kicking myself for not getting the rest of the products in the deal! I am trying really hard to not buy anymore makeup because I am off to Spain next week and will be hitting up sephora so watch out for that haul! Anyway should I probably review the actual product?

The product itself applies beautifully and is so buildable. Like I said the colour is a gorgeous warm tone and it doesn’t go ashy grey like sooo many other drug store bronzers can. Again, the matte finish has no shimmer to it but still provides a beautiful glow! I contour with the Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contour palette and with this bronzer they make a perfect combination! If I am going for a more natural look I just apply the bronzer where the sun naturally hits my face such as the cheeks, forehead and chin. If you like a sun-kissed or even a deeper bronzed look I think this product is great to achieve both.

The packaging is nice, appropriate for the price point if you catch my drift. I didn’t even realise that it had a brush compartment on the underside of it until a few days into using it! Talk about dense! I can’t review the brush for you because I tend to stick to my own as I’ve had bad experiences with the free brushes in makeup! However for 8.99 that is a nice touch!

The only issue I would say is that this is the only shade available, so although it is buildable it isn’t massively inclusive which is bad form from L’oreal. Saying that, I really do think I will be repurchasing this product again. I like it just as much as my hoola and at pretty much half of the price I may be converted! Thanks for reading my loves! Also a little mention that I am almost at 1k on instagram! Which is insane to me, in about 7 months of blogging I have achieved way more than I ever thought I would and I am beyond grateful! Thanks you so much to all you I appreciate each and every one of you so much!




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Soph does nails X revolution

So I have had this palette for quite a while and it is mental that I didn’t review it! I claim to be hunting beauty bargains on a budget yet here I am, ignoring one of the best brand and influencer collaboration on the market! Better late than never, right gals?

If you don’t know who Soph is she is a British youtuber who does amazing videos, she is so down to Earth and unlike many youtubers who get a substantial amount of followers, she sticks to her roots and doesn’t bathe in La Mer. This palette is Soph’s first collab with the drug store champions Makeup Revolution and she has just released her second which I am currently waiting for the delivery on! I took a quick snap of this palette a few days ago for the gram and it was my highest engaged photo to date! Over 300 likes! I know it may seem like a small number to some but to me it feels like thousands! Soph herself liked it so I had celebratory wine with my mam! We would have drunk the wine anyway but doesn’t it make you feel better when you feel like you have earned it and aren’t just borderline alcoholics?!

I. was. shook.

anyway I should probably review the product for you!


For ten pounds, the packaging quality is pretty good! Its peachy matte against the glossy branding is really pretty and I believe Soph designed this herself. I will say the packaging has gotten dirty easily but all of my palettes get dirty, so it could be me being a grotty bitch or it could be the matte finish. The names of the shades are on a separate plastic sheet however I lost that in 0.01 seconds, that doesn’t bother me hugely but if that is something you like to be included on the packaging that may gripe you! IT COMES WITH A MIRROR. If you read my Jaclyn Hill review you will know I was pissed at the lack of mirror for that price point, but for ten pound MUR and soph have made a palette with a good quality mirror? Hun you can stay. You get 24 shades in total, 14 matte and ten shimmers, which I personally think is a great ratio if you have a preference for either of those finishes.


As I always say, swatches are not the greatest way to make your mind up about a product, sometimes they can swatch chalky but apply pigmented and vice versa, you get my gist? But it is always nice to have an idea of what the shades look like on skin!

 From top to bottom: Penguin, Pancakes, Fairy Lights, Pink champagne, Iced Coffee, Cuppa tea Grow Old, Sparks Fly, Smokey bronze, Mixed berries, Tiramisu, Peaches Cloudberry, Pumpkin, Pine tree, Petrol, Pug, Danger (omg ignore my jessie pyjamas! Embarrassing!) Strawberry sweets, Festive flame, Copper coin, Mug Cake, Rosewood, Nightmare

As you can see the shimmers are so beautiful! So stunning and will look amazing on a halo eye look. The majority of the mattes look really pigmented and there are a few that look ever so slightly chalky but for ten pound, does it matter? I found that the swatches for these do actually apply similarly to with a brush upon application, Some need building but the majority blend like a dream.

Overall thoughts

It took me a while but I am falling in love with this palette and I can’t wait for soph’s latest collab to arrive! I will also be reviewing that soon and I promise not a year after its release! I 100% recommend purchasing this palette, it has so many shades that make it so versatile. For ten pounds it knocks a lot of more expensive and high-end palettes out the window. I think this will be great if you are a newbie to eyeshadow and even the more experienced! You can purchase it at superdrug and revolution beauty, online and in store!

Thanks for reading so much my angels, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the love and support! Never did I imagine when I started blogging six months ago that people would enjoy my content and the love I have received has been overwhelming. love you loads and loads and loads!





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Pre Tanning Routine

 I am back after a month-long hiatus! hello my lovelies, I have missed this so much! How does one blog? how do I do this? someone give my head a shake! I did intend to have a post up a few days ago which was supposed to be a review of the Kat Von D eyebrow pencil I was gifted, but your gal changed her mind about publishing it when all the dram’s occurred of her being an anti-vaxxer due to her vegan lifestyle, which is a hell nah in my books, is Polio vegan kat?

Anyway! I was a bit stumped about what to post and I ummed and ahh’ed because although I have purchased some new bits, none of them are new released products and I don’t know if people would still be interested? yes? no? Maybe so? Let me know in the comments! So I was just Zoflora-ing (btw obsessed with these cleaning products, lame? I don’t care) my shower as I had just scrubbed some rather tiger bread looking tan off which had accumulated into a little orange puddle on the floor, when I thought I would let you know how I prepare for my tan. This isn’t rocket science and these are the steps literally everyone uses to prepare for tan but from what I have seen on social media, those that aren’t in the know can find it daunting, so this is just for those that find it a wee bit scary and maybe a product recommendation for those tanning veterans.

I don’t have a particular day in which I tan but I do make sure I start my preparations two days before my intended application. I will just break it down step by step for you huns.

Step 1  

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate. Removing all of the dead skin and evening out all the pigmentation is so important for a beautiful, even looking tan. You can exfoliate your skin wet or dry but I prefer to do in the shower with exfoliating gloves combined with a body polish. The gloves I get from primark for like one pound or something silly! They have been my ride or dies for years now and I don’t see the point in splashing out on expensive ones! My current favourite body polish that I am obsessed with is this no7 beautiful skin perfecting body polish, if you’re looking for a deep, deep exfoliator this isn’t the product for you, I personally like to use this slightly kinder version of an exfoliator due to my use of the gloves too and I don’t want to be too harsh on my skin. I just scrub my whole body in circular motions and jobs a goodun. If I am scrubbing off previous tan, like I said, I do this two days before I intend to apply because sometimes those stubborn patches just won’t shift. If this is the case the next day I just do a spot exfoliate and that normally gets all of the left over tan off.

Step 2  

Cleanse baby cleanse. What can I say here? have a wash you scrub? jokes. Cleansing your skin after an exfoliation is just a nice way to prepare for your tan and can help soothe it after you’ve just given it a good bashing. I am currently enjoying this sanctuary spa body wash, it leaves my skin feeling so refreshed and smells divine!

Step 3 

Moisturising your skin before tan is so, so important. If you’re not careful your tan will stick to your dry patches and you will be looking patchy AF, not a good look! I am literally so excited to share this product with you, it is honestly game changing. The Sanctuary spa in shower moisturiser has saved this lazy gals life. You literally turn the water off, rub over your body like a normal moisturiser, get out and towel dry off. It makes me skin smell like heaven and leaves it so soft. I honestly used to be bad with moisturising my body because I find it such a ball ache, once I am out the shower I tend to be going to bed or rushing to work and a lot of moisturisers need time to settle into your skin but not this one! As well as this moisturiser I do use a thicker one to do my knees and elbows to ensure my tan doesn’t cling to these patches! Remember you want to tan a day after you have finished these steps, not on the day!

If you’re wondering why I haven’t included facial preparation it is because I never apply tan to my face, not even facial tan. The thought of something sitting on my facial skin for so long makes me feel a bit queasy but I do use a tanning water on my face, when I can remember!

Thank you for reading dolls, I am excited to get back into the blogging community and shower you all with some new content! Don’t hesitate to boss me about and let me know if you want anything reviewing in the comment section!

Love you byeeeee




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