Irum Cosmetics review

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long time, no see! Life has been pretty hectic the past month! First I had my holiday to Paris and then straight away moved back to uni for my third and final year! So I have been pretty damn crap with my blog, apologies huns x

Livin’ my best life in Paris


I am back with a skin care review! The lovely team at Irum cosmetics reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in receiving their clay mask and argan oil, obvs I said yes, who doesn’t love organic, vegan skin care! As I was hashtag gifted these products, I’ll start off by saying all views, opinions, shit puns are my own and are in no way influenced by the brand.

As a gal who wears a shit tonne of makeup daily and also has the life motto of ‘you’re only as good as your base’, it’s important for me to have amazing skin and by extension, amazing skin care. So I do have pretty high standards when it comes to what I put on my face, I’ll let you read the rest of the review to see how I got on!


Pure & Organic Green Clay mask powder

Contains 100g of Product

  • No added chemicals or preservatives
  • Ingredients: 100% Pure Green Clay – Bentonite
  • Vegan
  • Not tested on animals

As the mask comes in powder form the packaging was perfect, the jar seals securely to prevent any nasty spills and is safe to shove in an overnight bag if you’re travelling. I also love the design, it gives me severe holistic/morrocan vibes, which is perfect for an organic, vegan and natural treatment.

I followed the instructions on the jar and mixed a tsp of clay with some water to create a paste. I actually do all masks that need to be mixed at home into a mixing bowl made for hair dye and use one of the brushes to slap it on my face because I am super lazy. The paste was a really nice consistency, not too runny and not too thick which made for a really nice application. As soon as the mask was applied to my skin it felt so cooling and refreshing, the smell was mild and not overpowering which is a massive plus from me, if you have read my blogs before you’ll know how much I complain about strong smells in products. After about ten minutes the clay started to dry and oh my god did it dry, I looked like a Gian Lorenzo Bernini sculpture, circa 1446.


pardon Shrek x

After waiting the full twenty minutes I washed it off with warm water and a muslin cloth to make sure there was no residue or any in my hair-line because I am dense and often miss it. My skin felt like a dream, so soft but very tight. I have normal skin which has the odd stint of dry so I do everything I can to keep it moisturised, you will definitely need a moisturising product after the mask although it does say it is for all skin types. My skin was noticeably less textured, so if that is something you suffer from I think this mask would be great for you. The website claims that it can help battle acne but as I am not someone who suffers from spots or acne, I can’t comment on that however, it could be worth a try?

My overall thoughts are that I really cannot fault this mask, it felt luxurious to apply, made my skin feel amazing and as its vegan, totally guilt free. The mask retails for £7.99 (which I think is so affordable considering how amazing the product is) and is available on the Irum cosmetics website.

Irum Argan Oil

Contains 100ml of product

  • Not Tested On Animals
  • Alcohol & Paraben Free
  • No added chemicals or preservatives
  • Ingredients: Argania Spinosa Kemal Oil

The packaging for the argan oil was again, like the mask, really gorgeous. The bottle is so sturdy so I have no fears popping this in my wash bag to take away with me. Argan oil is pretty self-explanatory, you know when to pop it into your skin routine however I used this EVERYWHERE. Cuticle oil, ends of my hair, the new stretch marks that have popped up on my arse just for bants, on my legs after I shaved and even as a primer with some of my more dry foundations. I have been bathing in argan oil for the past three weeks and I refuse to turn back. It can feel a wee bit greasy on application but it melts into the skin pretty sharpish, so that feeling doesn’t linger. I have recently bleached my hair so my ends were feeling a bit like sad but I have washed my hair, applied some oil to the ends and then slept in it a few times now and its made a world of difference.

Overall I feel like I have found a new holy grail, using the oil after the mask was the perfect combination and my skin has been so glowy. It is the perfect product to keep my skin hydrated and soft as we go into harsher winter weather. The product retails for £18.75 and is again, available on the Irum cosmetics website. The oil is a tad more pricey than the mask but you do get so much product, I can see it lasting ages.

A huge thanks to Irum cosmetics for sending me these goodies, let me know in the comments if you try them out, which I really recommend you do!





Saving ££ with Derma V10

Hello my angels I am back at it again with a skin care review! Let me start off with the most boring of disclaimers but necessary, I was gifted these products but this post is not sponsored and my opinions, as always, are my own and are in no way influenced by the brand.

Face masks are probably my favourite part of my skin care routine, often after a bad day applying a face mask is quite therapeutic and can feel like I’m washing all the crap from the day away with it. So when Derma V10 got in contact with me asking if I would like to be sent their clay mask range I was like is the Pope Catholic?

My first impressions upon receiving the masks were erm dupe alert?? Hello L’oreal Pure Clay Masks? The packaging was the first similarity I noticed, alongside the different colours? flavours?! themes?! I don’t know! But the L’oreal masks used to be a firm favourite of mine, so I was more than intrigued to see if these face masks, which were a fraction of the price, were in any way similar.

I was kindly sent three types, the red algae to brighten, the charcoal to detox and the eucalyptus to Purify. They each contain 50ml of product, which apparently will last up to 10 applications and each has the same application technique, apply to a cleansed face for 10-15 minutes and remove with warm water. Here on the beauty edit, I love a simple skin care routine.

Derma V10 Clay Mask With Eucalyptus

Derma V10 claim: Our rich creamy clay mask with added Eucalyptus extract penetrates deep into the skin leaving skin purified and smooth. Also contains Vitamin E and Honey to help nourish, soothe and moisture the skin keeping it soft and supple. 

The green mask was the first that I tried and the first thing I noticed was the smell. I am very sensitive to smells and often even slightly fragrance products can set me off with a headache that is difficult to shift. The fragrance wasn’t so strong after I had applied but it wasn’t my cup of tea, although the smell was in no way unpleasant, it was just a tad much. My skin after the application did feel incredibly smooth, babies bum kind of vibes. I had no irritation and my skin was actually going through a very sensitive spot, so I was really happy because even my most gentle products were making me flare up.

Derma V10 Clay Mask with Red algae

Derma V10 claim: Our rich creamy clay mask with Walnut Shell exfoliates the skin while the added Red Algae soothes and brightens the skin’s surface. Also contains Vitamin E and Honey to help nourish, soothe and moisture the skin keeping it soft and supple.

Erm, is it just me or did they say the same thing about the last mask…? That is a bit lazy but oh well, it’s not all about the description! This mask was my favourite, although it isn’t one I think I could use as regularly as the others due to it being an exfoliant. The Walnut shell was a great, my skin felt so soft afterwards and I could visibly see the effects it had on my pores. It had a similar smell to the others but this time I was ready for it and It didn’t give me a shock.

Derma V10 Clay mask with charcoal

Derma V10 claim: Our rich creamy clay mask with added Charcoal penetrates deep into the skin absorbing impurities and removing excess oil. Also contains Vitamin E and Honey to help nourish, soothe and moisture the skin keeping it soft and supple 

The past few years has seen a rise in the hype of charcoal in the beauty community hasn’t it? For good reason too! Charcoal is a bit of a paradox, it just doesn’t sound right but it is great for cleansing and toning the skin. I personally think this mask is great, my face felt so fresh and clean, which is all you can really ask from a face mask, right?

These masks retail at £1.99 EACH! Combined that is less than the price for ONE of the L’oreal masks. I would be lying if I said the L’oreal had any significantly better qualities! I also believe they will last over ten uses, I have used each of mine a good 4/5 times and have barely hit the halfway mark!

Often in the beauty community we can sucked in my anti-ageing/anti-wrinkle/will turn back the time and you will be a 19-year-old, size 8 goddess. The reality is there are very few products that can even scratch the surface of those claims, at the very most, we should be asking for something that makes our skin feel smooth, cleansed and relaxes us. Which these face masks definitely do. As I said, sometimes a face mask is more about the feeling of looking after yourself than it is about turning back the clock and looking like you did in the late noughties.

You can purchase the Derma V10 masks at Amazon, Fragrance Direct and the Range. All retailing from £1.99

Do yourself a favour, pour yourself a large glass of vino and put a face mask on. We all deserve it. Thanks for reading and thank you to Derma V10 for getting in touch with me, what an amazing first year my blogging experience has been, being contacted by brands is truly an amazing feeling! Love you loads and loads and loads!

L’oreal Back to Bronze Review

Bronzers are such a touchy subject for me, I often struggle to find ones I love and have pretty much been repurchasing Hoola by benefit for the past 4 years! Like every makeup addict I don’t feel happy with just the one product! I need more! So when I saw the 3 for 2 offer in superdrug I decided to try out the L’oreal Back to Bronze. It appealed to me immediately due to it being warm toned but not too orange and also because it was a matte bronzer so there are no glittery specs! All about the natural bronze!

The Back to Bronze is from L’oreals Glow range which I am kicking myself for not getting the rest of the products in the deal! I am trying really hard to not buy anymore makeup because I am off to Spain next week and will be hitting up sephora so watch out for that haul! Anyway should I probably review the actual product?

The product itself applies beautifully and is so buildable. Like I said the colour is a gorgeous warm tone and it doesn’t go ashy grey like sooo many other drug store bronzers can. Again, the matte finish has no shimmer to it but still provides a beautiful glow! I contour with the Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contour palette and with this bronzer they make a perfect combination! If I am going for a more natural look I just apply the bronzer where the sun naturally hits my face such as the cheeks, forehead and chin. If you like a sun-kissed or even a deeper bronzed look I think this product is great to achieve both.

The packaging is nice, appropriate for the price point if you catch my drift. I didn’t even realise that it had a brush compartment on the underside of it until a few days into using it! Talk about dense! I can’t review the brush for you because I tend to stick to my own as I’ve had bad experiences with the free brushes in makeup! However for 8.99 that is a nice touch!

The only issue I would say is that this is the only shade available, so although it is buildable it isn’t massively inclusive which is bad form from L’oreal. Saying that, I really do think I will be repurchasing this product again. I like it just as much as my hoola and at pretty much half of the price I may be converted! Thanks for reading my loves! Also a little mention that I am almost at 1k on instagram! Which is insane to me, in about 7 months of blogging I have achieved way more than I ever thought I would and I am beyond grateful! Thanks you so much to all you I appreciate each and every one of you so much!




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Pre Tanning Routine

 I am back after a month-long hiatus! hello my lovelies, I have missed this so much! How does one blog? how do I do this? someone give my head a shake! I did intend to have a post up a few days ago which was supposed to be a review of the Kat Von D eyebrow pencil I was gifted, but your gal changed her mind about publishing it when all the dram’s occurred of her being an anti-vaxxer due to her vegan lifestyle, which is a hell nah in my books, is Polio vegan kat?

Anyway! I was a bit stumped about what to post and I ummed and ahh’ed because although I have purchased some new bits, none of them are new released products and I don’t know if people would still be interested? yes? no? Maybe so? Let me know in the comments! So I was just Zoflora-ing (btw obsessed with these cleaning products, lame? I don’t care) my shower as I had just scrubbed some rather tiger bread looking tan off which had accumulated into a little orange puddle on the floor, when I thought I would let you know how I prepare for my tan. This isn’t rocket science and these are the steps literally everyone uses to prepare for tan but from what I have seen on social media, those that aren’t in the know can find it daunting, so this is just for those that find it a wee bit scary and maybe a product recommendation for those tanning veterans.

I don’t have a particular day in which I tan but I do make sure I start my preparations two days before my intended application. I will just break it down step by step for you huns.

Step 1  

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate. Removing all of the dead skin and evening out all the pigmentation is so important for a beautiful, even looking tan. You can exfoliate your skin wet or dry but I prefer to do in the shower with exfoliating gloves combined with a body polish. The gloves I get from primark for like one pound or something silly! They have been my ride or dies for years now and I don’t see the point in splashing out on expensive ones! My current favourite body polish that I am obsessed with is this no7 beautiful skin perfecting body polish, if you’re looking for a deep, deep exfoliator this isn’t the product for you, I personally like to use this slightly kinder version of an exfoliator due to my use of the gloves too and I don’t want to be too harsh on my skin. I just scrub my whole body in circular motions and jobs a goodun. If I am scrubbing off previous tan, like I said, I do this two days before I intend to apply because sometimes those stubborn patches just won’t shift. If this is the case the next day I just do a spot exfoliate and that normally gets all of the left over tan off.

Step 2  

Cleanse baby cleanse. What can I say here? have a wash you scrub? jokes. Cleansing your skin after an exfoliation is just a nice way to prepare for your tan and can help soothe it after you’ve just given it a good bashing. I am currently enjoying this sanctuary spa body wash, it leaves my skin feeling so refreshed and smells divine!

Step 3 

Moisturising your skin before tan is so, so important. If you’re not careful your tan will stick to your dry patches and you will be looking patchy AF, not a good look! I am literally so excited to share this product with you, it is honestly game changing. The Sanctuary spa in shower moisturiser has saved this lazy gals life. You literally turn the water off, rub over your body like a normal moisturiser, get out and towel dry off. It makes me skin smell like heaven and leaves it so soft. I honestly used to be bad with moisturising my body because I find it such a ball ache, once I am out the shower I tend to be going to bed or rushing to work and a lot of moisturisers need time to settle into your skin but not this one! As well as this moisturiser I do use a thicker one to do my knees and elbows to ensure my tan doesn’t cling to these patches! Remember you want to tan a day after you have finished these steps, not on the day!

If you’re wondering why I haven’t included facial preparation it is because I never apply tan to my face, not even facial tan. The thought of something sitting on my facial skin for so long makes me feel a bit queasy but I do use a tanning water on my face, when I can remember!

Thank you for reading dolls, I am excited to get back into the blogging community and shower you all with some new content! Don’t hesitate to boss me about and let me know if you want anything reviewing in the comment section!

Love you byeeeee




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Makeup Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation Review

Hey girlies/boys,

I feel like I haven’t posted in ages? The combination of the hot weather and Uni took all my time up and if you went looking for me, I was probably in the beer garden! This post was something I was desperate to do because if you read my blog, you know I’m on a mission to fulfill my makeup addiction on a budget, failing by the way, high-end is still sneaking into my basket, looking at you the hourglass foundation stick!

So makeup revolution  has recently been bringing its A Game to the drugstore market by releasing new products left right and centre. They brought out their own foundation stick (I know you already know, but just in case you didn’t know, even though you do) The concealer that the world and its dog seemed to love, was a bit of a flop for me, so I was hoping that the foundation would be a different matter and be my all time new fave drugstore base layer, pushing the maybelline fit me right off of the podium.


First Impressions

The packaging is bomb, let me just say that first, it is matte rose gold goodness and feels way more luxurious than its five pound price point. It is deffo for the gram worthy. I bought the shades F1 and F7 because I tend to mix and match all of my foundations, so F1 will help me lighten and F7 is for when I am tan. I believe they have 18 shade ranges which is amazing, everyone deserves to feel included in the beauty community so hats off the MUR.


The product is so, so, so creamy. Foundation sticks can be quite dry and tug on your skin but none of that occurred. I tried out half of my face with a buffing brush and half with a beauty blender, the buffing brush was definitely the better option as the product didn’t blend out amazingly with my blender. Saying that I definitely needed to push it into my skin with the blender after I had applied with a brush as there were a few bristle marks across my skin. The coverage is supposed to be medium to full but it for sure is more full coverage, which I am not complaining about, fake it till you make it right? The finish is dewy, hella dewy, too dewy. I was loving it up until I had finished blending it out. Like, grease is the word. For the sake of science I was like Anna power on, let some huns know what the deal is and keep it on. So I did because I care and I was not about to waste ten pounds because I am a cheap bitch.


After I had powdered here, there and everywhere – which is something I do not do by the way! I don’t have oily skin and my foundation never ever shifts around my face so powdering is unusual. Too blessed to be stressed – I was like ok, this isn’t so bad, it still looks pretty but I could definitely feel it on my skin which is an ew from me. Me and my boyfriend went out to the pub that day and after a few too many, I went to the toilet and had a look in the mirror… holy shit. It was awful, my face was literally so shiny and I had lines from where my nails had brushed against my skin?! Gross.

Over all thoughts

It is a no from me. Sadly I am not the girl to carry around powder literally having to blot my face every ten seconds and with how thick it felt on my face, girl bye. It is such a shame because the coverage and formula feel so good on application, plus they’re five pound so that would have been such a bargain! I’m so sad! If it worked for you can you please please help a sister out and let me know your tricks? I am desperate to get on the makeup revolution base layer hype but I am struggling!

Thanks for reading angels! Love you byeeee

superdrug & primark haul

I went into town to get my best friend a birthday present and whilst I was shopping I kept seeing things and thinking “do you know who would like that?! Me.” No present’s have been purchased but my bank account is a little bit lighter! I really enjoyed my last haul so I thought I would share my purchases with you all again!

I was in desperate need for some more makeup storage because at the minute my draws and dressing table are a mess! So to help the load I bought this copper basket from primark which was around 3 or 4 pounds but because I am very clever I threw the receipt away, so I can’t remember! I also stocked up on some nails, you know the drill, I’m currently wearing the pink ones and having to type with the ends of them they’re so long! ratchet nails speak to me.


img_0855.jpgI can’t go into primark without picking up earings and I am obsessed over the tassel ones! plus the ones in topshop are about 15 pound and I’m not about to break the bank over something I can get in primark for 2 pound! When the testing primark makeup was doing the rounds on youtube, I kept seeing this palette and a gold highlight is abitta me but every time I went into the store they were all ripped open and had finger marks in all of them, which makes me feel a bit ill! I thought I was onto a winner with this one but when I took off the plastic cover I realised someone had literally dug their finger into the blush shade and I was pissed. Who even swatches like that, the uncultured swine. The palette retails at 5 pound and I think that is great value, I was so shocked at how pigmented they are!Ignore my pale skin and bad nails! I fixed all that after I made my boyfriend take photos! This was an unintentional purchase! I meant to buy the spray and didn’t realise until I got home that it was micellar water! How annoying! I haven’t tried it out yet as I still have another bottle to finish but it did smell amazing. It cost 2.99 which is so good and this range is so good, If you haven’t tried any of it I really recommend it.

 If you read my conceal and define review you will know I wasn’t the biggest fan but i decided to try out the foundation stick regardless. I got the shades c1 and c7, c1 is to lighten up any foundations that are a bit too dark for me and c7 is a pretty good match to my tan. They were five pound each and I can’t wait to review them as I’ve seen so many mixed reviews, I wonder how I’ll get on!These two were just a restock for me, the eye cream is so good and like I said at 2.99 the price point is amazing. The lasting perfection used to be one of my all time drugstore faves and I decided to stock up on it again!If you don’t know the benefits of coconut oil then I question if you have been living under a rock! My hair took a battering as a teenager, bleach and extensions literally frazzled the life out of it, coconut oil is probably the reason I have any hair left! It’s also so good for your skin and there is nothing I love more than just rubbing it all over my body and falling asleep smelling so good. These pots last for ever as well and at 2.49, you can’t go wrong.

 Stocked up on eyelash glue, need I say more? The colour b4 is to strip my ends from a build up of black so I can start the process of going lighter for summer! It stank of rotten eggs but it got rid of all the colour so I am really happy! It did dry my hair out but luckily my coconut oil came in handy! I did get a few bits of clothing but I’ll leave them to instagram! These sock boots were in the sale for ten pound and I think they’ll be great for casual day wear! Forgive the photo! Student houses aren’t the best backdrops!


Thanks so much for reading my lovelies! Hope you had a good nose at what I bought! Let me know in the comments if you enjoy these kinds of posts!

Makeup revolution conceal and define review

I know, I’m late in the game but I am a very busy person who has very important things to do like rewatch all of buffy the vampire slayer. But better late than never right?!

Makeup revolution, the not so new kid on the block but the one that seems to be knocking it out the park time and time again. So when I saw the reviews of their new concealer I was game, “tarte shape tape dupe” is all I heard and if you’ve ever tried the tarte concealer you will know that is a pretty big claim to make. At a price point about 25 pound cheaper than the shape tape it was looking to be a winner.

I bought it in store in Superdrug and I was SO HYPED to try it out. I have heavy under eye creases so I was hoping it would help me cover them without making it worse.

On first impressions I was underwhelmed, it blended nicely but it was a bit meh, coverage was nice but I wasn’t wowed. Then when I looked closely in the mirror I’m pretty sure I screamed what the fuck. It was horrible. It sat in my creases and made me look about ten years older, it clung to dry areas and made it my skin look awfully textured.

I keep reaching for it and trying it out in various ways and I’m still hating it, I tried to bake it under my eyes and it did not react well with powder. In attempts to get some use out of it attempts were made to prime my eyes but again it looked like I had the skin of a 90 year old.

I would post pictures but I’m too deep into creating the social media illusion that my makeup is always flawless and I have a perfect life so sorry gals!

I personally wouldn’t recommend it and I know things work differently for other people but I don’t really see how concealer can differ that much, I could be wrong though! It’s a shame because I’m so behind the makeup revolution hype and I really wish it had worked for me!

Let me know how you got on with it in the comments and any other drug store concealer you could recommend that may save me a few pennies!

Most disappointing beauty products

I am severely guilty of falling under the category of people that jumps on beauty bandwagons and throws my money at brands without stopping to think, do I need a new foundation or palette? (the answer is yes but you know what I mean) So I obviously have also had my fair share of disappointments, that isn’t to say that the products are bad its just that some crazed about products have not worked for me. I thought I would share a few of the products that disappointed me the most and tend to sit in a draw gathering dust or end up in my mothers makeup bag.

The Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

so wanted to love this, I read the reviews and have other Urban Decay Naked palettes so thought it was a no brainer, rose gold goodness. When it arrived the packaging was beautiful and it came with a good quality brush which is unlike many palettes so I had thought that I was onto a winner. The shades themselves are just a bit meh if I’m being honest, they are pretty but they need building up so much and the fall out is such a pain. I don’t mind fallout if its being paired with some bomb ass pigment but I’m not about some crumbly eye shadow that needs dipping into three or four times. I think at the time I paid about 40 pound for this and I really regret it, I very rarely reach for it and I am so sad it didn’t work for me

Jeffree Star x Manny Mua Skin Frost

I am not about to sit here and say I was played by J Star and Manny but … I was played by J Star and Manny. The Hype was real! Blinding, glowing, see you from outer space, just a few words that they described this collaboration as! Also “limited edition”, is anybody else bored of this marketing scheme by brands just to make you buy a product asap but then all of a sudden its a continued product? stop. The product itself … let me just say when I have to dip into a highlighter with fix plus about four times to get any glow this product is now cancelled to me. I tried so hard to make it work, I even scratched off the top layer to try and use it as a loose pigment but even that failed. All that being said I did pick up the liquid lipstick they released as well and I use that on a weekly basis, so I’m not as mad as I would have been if I had just bought the highlighter.

Dior Forever Foundation

I may as well have just set 35 pound on fire. I have nightmares about this damn foundation. The smell of it was so strong on the skin it almost gave me a headache, it oxidised within minutes and it shifted around my face no matter what primer I used. The coverage wasn’t great but buildable if I wanted a cake face and I really was shocked because Dior normally hit it out the park for me. I occasionally dip into it now if I’m mixing it with a foundation too pale for me but thats the only time I reach for it now.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

This is a strange one because this product used to be my all time fave alongside my Mac paint pot for priming my lids until UD changed the packaging and the formula. It used to be way thicker and come out in a squeeze bottle, now its so watery and has an awful wand applicator. I’m not going to lie I’ve only made an attempt with the revised packaging and formula a handful of times but I end up taking it off straight away. Whose fab idea was it to take a holy grail of so many people and turn it into a runny mess with a pointless wand that ruins the application and doesn’t pick up enough product. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 

Mac Prep and Prime Transparent Finishing Powder

As I am not an oily person I generally tend to not have to worry about powder, unless I’m going on a night out however I do like to bake because I feel like it just gives my face a nicer finish. Mac as a brand tend to be a pretty safe bet when spending your money so I was really surprised when this didn’t work for me. I knew that as it contained silica that there would be flash back but I didn’t buy it with the intention of having a photo shoot so that wasn’t the issue. The real problem was that it removed my concealer from under my eyes and made my skin look dry and patchy. I made attempts of using it with different brushes and techniques but it still left the cakey, wrinkly, patchy face.

As I said I am not saying these products are a bunch of shit and not to go out and buy them or that if you’ve already bought them you have wasted your money, its all about what does and doesn’t work for me. I love all of these brands and think they create amazing products just sadly these ones were a miss for me. Let me know if these worked/didn’t work out for you, I would love to hear everyones opinions!

Love you byeeee

Stila Glitter and Glow Liquid Eye Shadow Review

Stila are not a brand to shy away from daring and bold products, you just need to have a glance at their Magnificent Metals Eye shadow to see they are all about the glamour and glitz. when they brought out the Glitter and Glow Liquid Eye Shadow, continuing their trend of sparkles, sparkles and more sparkles,  I was fawning over them big time however, I have hooded eye lids and for me I just felt like it would be a waste of money, I can’t create the cut crease I would like because I open my eyes and all my work has disappeared! I thought that, as beautiful and as amazing as the gurus with three cm of space between their eye brows and lashes said they were, I held off. But then my best friend bought me one for Christmas and I am not about to waste some glittery goodness just because my eyes want to play me.

This is what Stila had to say about the product:

           “For eyes with serious sparkle, this blindingly stunning shadow pigment combines pearlescent and glitter particles to guarantee an instant head-turning look. The water-infused texture is super easy to apply, thanks to the applicator wand and dries to a shimmering finish that never dulls. Yet it also cares for the skin with conditioning glycerin, while triethanolamine forms a protective barrier between the skin and the glittery pigment, so it always feels comfortable to wear. Choose from an array of gemstone hues, from the twinkling ebony ‘Molten Midnight’; show-stopping ‘Gold Goddess’ and beautiful bronze ‘Smouldering Satin’, to the shimmering silver ‘Diamond Dust’ and exquisite ‘Rose Gold Retro’. There’s a shade to suit every skin tone and occasion.”  

This product does seriously sparkle, you don’t even need to open the product to see how beautiful it is, I received the shade Kitten Karma and it is a gorgeous champagne mix of silver and copper. In terms of the ingredients behind the product, you can really feel it when you’re wearing it. If you’ve ever used glitters before they can be really irritating and end up falling all over the face but this product applied really creamy, I wasn’t able to feel the glitter and then it dried so fast I had barely any fall out.

In regards to my worries about being unable to wear it due to my eye shape I was so wrong! They look amazing in the centre of a halo eye and I have found if I bring the cut right about where my eyes naturally crease it looks so pretty. They are blinding and if you’re not a dramatic makeup kind of girl/boy normally, I’d suggest sticking to wearing this at night, I on the other hand, will be wearing this on a daily just to go get some milk. It retails at 23 pound and are available at cult beauty and beauty bay, they are pretty pricey for the 4.5ml of products but a little goes a long way! The doe foot applicator is really easy to use and you don’t have to layer it up. I really think I’m going to invest in some more shades because they’re just so easy and gorgeous to use! They are available to purchase here;

Cult Beauty 

Beauty Bay

Thanks so so much for reading! If you have these let me know what other shades to get and if you haven’t, buy some shades and tell me then!

so much loooove


Viva la revolución?

I swear I am having to start every blog post saying how lucky I am my boyfriend has bought me this but I AM. I told him I hadn’t tried any makeup revolution since they first came out years ago and he went out and bought me a whole bunch of stuff to try, so there is also my excuse as to why I’m posting so much about makeup, my boyfriend has a spending problem!

As I said, I hadn’t tried any makeup revolution since they first came out years ago and I really was not impressed, I had a liquid lipstick that literally crumbled off of my lips in the middle of a bar and I was NOT about to go and relive that experience. I’m really funny with eye shadow palettes in particular and I really just put that down to having always used high-end, drug store really didn’t have much going for it when I was younger so I was always really sceptical. So when I saw the hype over it in 2017 I wanted to know what the deal was and then I was given this bag load of goodies in December and I’ve spent about a month trying them out. If you want to know why I don’t post reviews etc straight away, it’s because I like to really try them out and there was so much to play with that I couldn’t just do it in a week.

So here is what I got and here are my thoughts!

Rose Gold Palette

The basics

So pretty. Just no words! The packaging is beautiful, it’s obviously a dupe packaging wise for the too faced chocolate bar palette, which I have and I actually like this packaging more! The dripping rose gold is so aesthetically pleasing and it comes with a mirror which I love. Like the too faced palette it smells like chocolate which is sooo nice but a pain when my nieces start going through my make up to try and smell all my palettes! It’s plastic but it doesn’t feel overly cheap, as far as plastic goes it’s pretty good quality. It came with a brush but it was one of those smudge double ended pad things so I was like cya, in the bin you go, but for what you’re paying are you expecting a top quality fluffy brush?

The shades themselves scream dupe for the Huda beauty Rose gold palette, which I actually didn’t buy deliberately, I tried my friends out before committing to the price tag and I was like eh? I don’t mind putting the extra work in to blend but it was so difficult to work with. So I was pleased to be able to have something similar that may even work better.


If you have read my blog previously you will know that I swatch purely out of excitement and I don’t really judge by a swatch as I have used palettes that swatch awfully but apply beautifully and vice versa. These did swatch like a dream though for those wondering. They even have two pressed glitter shades as well as shimmer so I was shook. It comes with five shimmers, two pressed glitters, eight mattes and one satin, so you’re getting sixteen shades in all.

On application, they aren’t super pigmented initially but they are really buildable so the pigment is there, you just have to have the time. They do blend nicely and aren’t patchy at all but I would say if you don’t prime your eyes, you need to. I prime every time and I know some people don’t but It won’t budge or fade on your lid if you do. The pressed pigment is better applied with a glitter glue like the too faced or a more affordable alternative like the nyx, but they are both so gorgeous and I can’t believe the quality of them.

I would 100% recommend this palette, I can’t get over the quality that you get for eight pounds!

Unicorns Heart highlight

The basics

As far as instagram aesthetics goes this high light is that! I didn’t really buy into the mermaids and unicorns fad that happened last year mainly because I had trouble stomaching the amount of adults running around screaming I’m a mermaid, are you babes? are you really? Saying that, this highlighter is beaut. The packaging is just like the too faced sweet tea bronzer which I would marry if I could, but its only available in American so comes out on special occasions for fear of running out. But the cardboard doesn’t seem flimsy or breakable and I think for the price, its pretty and does the job.


The great thing about this highlight is that you can customise the kind of shade you want due to the different colours in the product. When I first used it I used all of the colours on a dry, morphe Y13 and wow, it is blinding! I do have to say though it is a bit pale for me as I do wear fake tan basically all of the time but this is otherwise so pretty. It’s almost like a lavender colour on the skin and it doesn’t cling to your skin in a way that you can see all of the texture. It is really buildable but when I used it with fix plus it is seriously like being the tin man, which personally I do not like but if that’s your thing, you go girl.

Like I said its a bit pale for me however when I’m being lazy with my tan, this is what I reach for, I would recommend this and I personally can’t wait to try the other shades in this range and the baked blushed they do! It’s five pound babe. There are no doubts, go buy it.

Soph Does Nails collab palette

The Basics

First off, huge congrats to soph! She is the QUEEN of drug store beauty and her channel is great, she’s so down to earth and lovely and I’m so happy for her. If you watched her reveal video you will know she designed the packaging herself and it is so sweet. The palette itself is made of plastic but is really pretty to look at and doesn’t feel flimsy. The mirror Is such a plus for me as I tend to be up and down the country a lot so its important for me if I’m travelling to have a good-sized mirror and this palette provides that. It comes with 14 matte and 10 shimmers so something for everyone. When I first saw the shades, I was shook! Literally they are so pretty and an endless amount of looks to be made.


On my first application I literally stopped what I was doing to shout at my boyfriend to come and look how pigmented it was, I got a vague “oh yeah..” and he went back to doing what he was doing but I was still excited. Some shades are more pigmented than the others but the others are so buildable and blend really well. The shimmers are a bit more like pressed glitters so I would suggest doing your eyes first to prevent fall out, or bake under your eyes pretty heavily then brush away. I find with most shimmers I end up using my fingers so I wasn’t shocked that I had to do that with this palette. The only down size is that the shade names come on a plastic sheet which I lost a hot minute ago, so I have to look the shade names up if I want to know what they are.

Also don’t blame me for how dirty my palettes are! I daftly didn’t take a picture of anything brand new when I knew I wanted to try and get some use out of them before I reviewed them! Anyway! Go, join this friendly neighbourhood makeup girl gang, support your girl soph, spend ten pounds on a palette I would happily pay double for.

Bronze & Shimmer palette

The basics

I like a bit of a shimmer to my bronzer, hence my love for the Too Faced sweet tea, so I was SO happy when I received this. The packaging is like a mini chocolate bar, again dripping chocolate down the side, so happy there. It comes with a teeny tiny mirror, bigger brands, why are you playing? these palettes are like 5 pound? If make up revolution can sort it, I am pretty damn sure some of your charging out the arse can afford it!


There are two sections to the palette, the left is way lighter and is clearly a high light while the others is a deep bronze/brown shimmery high light. I know it is meant for a deeper skin tone but I live for a bit of shimmer to my bronzer on my forehead.

A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY! I went mad on the bronze section on my temple and it came out looking like I had a dodgy hair line. When I went back in with a much lighter touch it was gorgeous, glowy and bronzed. The high light is perfect for when I’m mega tanned and I am obsessed with using it on my brow bone. It doesn’t pick up on face texture and applies really smoothly.

Hot Spice Blush Palette

The Basics

Out of all the packaging and MR stuff I received, this is the only one I was like “yeah thats cheap”, when it came to the packaging. It’s not bad, I was just so hyped over the other things I received that I was expecting more. Its plain plastic and it does feel like it would break easily, so I have to be careful because I am the worst.


I was never a big blush fan but now I am obsessed and its mainly because of this palette. The shades are gorgeous and are all so wearable, they are all a mix of coral and pink so if you want seriously Rosie cheeks, these are better for those with a pale skin tone. Seeing as I’m not that pale I used these as a nude blush and they just finish the look off so nicely. I’m not going to lie I haven’t touched the two shimmer shades and have only stuck to the 6 mattes. Mainly because I just don’t like a shimmer blush. I am deffo interested in getting another one of these palettes in a different shade range because I’m loving it.

Pearl lights loose highlighter 

The basics 

Is this gimmick?!? is this a thing?! loose highlighter? what is this about? Literally my reaction when I got it. Ive never heard of one, am I behind on this? It comes in a little plastic pot similar to the Ben Nye setting powder and you get 42g, which I think is loads! When you unscrew the lid it has holes so obviously you’re supposed to tip a small amount out into the lid before using.


ITS NOT A GIMMICK, IT IS THE FUTURE. Seriously, I am in love. I originally used it dry, it was beautiful and applied so nicely which surprised me. It’s a beautiful iridescent light gold and I am living. When I used it wet, it actually came as a bit of a surprise that I wasn’t feeling it. It kind of clung to my skin and was hard to blend out, it also showed the texture of my skin SO BADLY and I don’t even have that much texture to my skin.

I would so recommend this, I don’t know how everyone would get on with a loose highlight but I am loving it, so it’s for sure worth a try.

Life on the dance floor: after party palette  

The basics

The packaging for this is so tacky, so right up my street. The all over glitter excites me like an absolute child. Again, huge mirror, make up revolution are living their best life. It comes with 7 mattes and 17 shimmers, this may not appeal to a lot of people but if you’re a fan of a halo eye, this palette has so much to offer you. It’s again more on the cheaper side for the quality of plastic but it doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall apart on touch.


I want to go straight in and just say so pigmented. I can’t fault it. The black shade especially is amazing, you know how wish washy blacks can be but this one is insane. I apply with my finger and they last so long and are so colourful. I don’t use the mattes that much but this probably the only palette I use in conjunction with others. Normally if I’m doing a look I will stick to using one palette but this one is so versatile I can use it with so many others.

Skin Kiss: Peach Kiss Highlighter

The Basics

The packaging for this is really nice, it reminds me of a cheaper version of the Jeffree star Skin frost, which they may or may not be a dupe for I’m not sure. You get 14g  which is a pretty generous amount and it is pretty large to hold as well. Overall it looks really nice and I don’t have any complaints about it!


Shook to the core! Its beautiful! I have worn this almost every day since I got it! It is so buttery to touch and blends like a dream! In pictures its like GLOWING and its so flattering on the skin in the real life. I am desperate to get my hands on the other ones in this collection! I think its something like five pounds so you really cannot go wrong!

My Sign, Air Sign palette

The Basics

The packaging is a bit meh, similar to the blush palette, however when you paying literally just pounds for a palette does the packaging matter that much? You get 15 shimmer shades but Id say one or two feel more like pressed glitters, which is nice. The colour selection is really nice and they do remind me of the shimmer shades from the Jaclyn Hill palette, is that intentional? who knows? but if you don’t fancy paying out for the morphe, I would say this is a good alternative.


I found the shades really inconsistent and obviously as they’re just shimmers, you’re limited to how you can use them. The top two rows actually worked really well and are super pigmented but the bottom darker shades I was a bit none fussed about. I do have to say the second two shades in are a dream, such beautiful pinks! I would pay the price for this palette for those two shades alone!

So! I am shook to the core! I can’t believe I’ve been sleeping on Make Up revolution and have to say I am ashamed of how much a snob I was! I am desperate to try more of this brand so please let me know what else I should try!

Loads of love