L’oreal Back to Bronze Review

Bronzers are such a touchy subject for me, I often struggle to find ones I love and have pretty much been repurchasing Hoola by benefit for the past 4 years! Like every makeup addict I don’t feel happy with just the one product! I need more! So when I saw the 3 for 2 offer in superdrug I decided to try out the L’oreal Back to Bronze. It appealed to me immediately due to it being warm toned but not too orange and also because it was a matte bronzer so there are no glittery specs! All about the natural bronze!

The Back to Bronze is from L’oreals Glow range which I am kicking myself for not getting the rest of the products in the deal! I am trying really hard to not buy anymore makeup because I am off to Spain next week and will be hitting up sephora so watch out for that haul! Anyway should I probably review the actual product?

The product itself applies beautifully and is so buildable. Like I said the colour is a gorgeous warm tone and it doesn’t go ashy grey like sooo many other drug store bronzers can. Again, the matte finish has no shimmer to it but still provides a beautiful glow! I contour with the Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contour palette and with this bronzer they make a perfect combination! If I am going for a more natural look I just apply the bronzer where the sun naturally hits my face such as the cheeks, forehead and chin. If you like a sun-kissed or even a deeper bronzed look I think this product is great to achieve both.

The packaging is nice, appropriate for the price point if you catch my drift. I didn’t even realise that it had a brush compartment on the underside of it until a few days into using it! Talk about dense! I can’t review the brush for you because I tend to stick to my own as I’ve had bad experiences with the free brushes in makeup! However for 8.99 that is a nice touch!

The only issue I would say is that this is the only shade available, so although it is buildable it isn’t massively inclusive which is bad form from L’oreal. Saying that, I really do think I will be repurchasing this product again. I like it just as much as my hoola and at pretty much half of the price I may be converted! Thanks for reading my loves! Also a little mention that I am almost at 1k on instagram! Which is insane to me, in about 7 months of blogging I have achieved way more than I ever thought I would and I am beyond grateful! Thanks you so much to all you I appreciate each and every one of you so much!




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Bronze babein’ on a budget (holy grail fake tan product)

Hey dolls,

Its tanning time!! Sooooooo hands up if you’re sick of the Caspar life? double hands up if you’re living the student peasant life and can’t really afford to be running around throwing money at over priced and over rated st tropez? Do not worry huns because even if only one of the above applies to you, you are not alone and I have the answers to your pasty pin problems.

I’ve been fake tanning since i was about 15 and let me tell ya, If its been bottled ive tried it. I’ve been through the fake tan wars, stained bed sheets, weird biscuity smell (In theory being followed by a constant biscuit smell would be pleasant but alas, it’s not) and the very worst… green feet (I’m looking at you st.moritz). I’m also not a golden glow of a girl when it comes to tan, i want to be like a little crisp slice of brown toast who looks like ive spent a month abandoned on an island with no shelter and just tanning oil to keep me company. So i eventually just led myself to believe i would have to keep forking out for really expensive over rated fake tans and sacrifice whatever else i have convinced myself i need in order to survive.

That was until i saw this absolute bronzed goddess in the club one night and i was like omg hun tell me your secrets?! and she did because as women have a natural bond and we stick together but now i forward this secret on to you…  25008844_147662746004437_2219268773607636992_n                                       Before                                         immediately after i applied  (lost the lid soz)

It is the Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter, one hour tan mousse in the original medium shade. I am beyond obsessed. Even better, when i bought it, it was on sale in primark for five pound. FIVE BRITISH POUNDS. Its so cheap and so freeken good, i very rarely find holy grail beauty products but this is for sure one of mine now. It develops so fast and it gets darker the longer you leave it, i tan on a thursday and it basically takes me through to the next week not even going patchy just fading. Since its still winter and i dont want to go mental on my bronze im waiting to try the darker shade out but i think ill give it a go when the weather gets warmer.

The only thing I have to say is if you’re showering before application make sure there isnt even a droplet of moisture on your skin or it will go super patchy but even if it does go patchy and someone says “ew look at your minging patchy tan” say no hun, you’re minging.

Head over to my instagram to see what its like fully developed and in all its glory! But dont forget to gimme a shout in the comments if you’ve tried it and what you think!

Love ya loads and loads,