Makeup revolution conceal and define review

I know, I’m late in the game but I am a very busy person who has very important things to do like rewatch all of buffy the vampire slayer. But better late than never right?!

Makeup revolution, the not so new kid on the block but the one that seems to be knocking it out the park time and time again. So when I saw the reviews of their new concealer I was game, “tarte shape tape dupe” is all I heard and if you’ve ever tried the tarte concealer you will know that is a pretty big claim to make. At a price point about 25 pound cheaper than the shape tape it was looking to be a winner.

I bought it in store in Superdrug and I was SO HYPED to try it out. I have heavy under eye creases so I was hoping it would help me cover them without making it worse.

On first impressions I was underwhelmed, it blended nicely but it was a bit meh, coverage was nice but I wasn’t wowed. Then when I looked closely in the mirror I’m pretty sure I screamed what the fuck. It was horrible. It sat in my creases and made me look about ten years older, it clung to dry areas and made it my skin look awfully textured.

I keep reaching for it and trying it out in various ways and I’m still hating it, I tried to bake it under my eyes and it did not react well with powder. In attempts to get some use out of it attempts were made to prime my eyes but again it looked like I had the skin of a 90 year old.

I would post pictures but I’m too deep into creating the social media illusion that my makeup is always flawless and I have a perfect life so sorry gals!

I personally wouldn’t recommend it and I know things work differently for other people but I don’t really see how concealer can differ that much, I could be wrong though! It’s a shame because I’m so behind the makeup revolution hype and I really wish it had worked for me!

Let me know how you got on with it in the comments and any other drug store concealer you could recommend that may save me a few pennies!

Most disappointing beauty products

I am severely guilty of falling under the category of people that jumps on beauty bandwagons and throws my money at brands without stopping to think, do I need a new foundation or palette? (the answer is yes but you know what I mean) So I obviously have also had my fair share of disappointments, that isn’t to say that the products are bad its just that some crazed about products have not worked for me. I thought I would share a few of the products that disappointed me the most and tend to sit in a draw gathering dust or end up in my mothers makeup bag.

The Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

so wanted to love this, I read the reviews and have other Urban Decay Naked palettes so thought it was a no brainer, rose gold goodness. When it arrived the packaging was beautiful and it came with a good quality brush which is unlike many palettes so I had thought that I was onto a winner. The shades themselves are just a bit meh if I’m being honest, they are pretty but they need building up so much and the fall out is such a pain. I don’t mind fallout if its being paired with some bomb ass pigment but I’m not about some crumbly eye shadow that needs dipping into three or four times. I think at the time I paid about 40 pound for this and I really regret it, I very rarely reach for it and I am so sad it didn’t work for me

Jeffree Star x Manny Mua Skin Frost

I am not about to sit here and say I was played by J Star and Manny but … I was played by J Star and Manny. The Hype was real! Blinding, glowing, see you from outer space, just a few words that they described this collaboration as! Also “limited edition”, is anybody else bored of this marketing scheme by brands just to make you buy a product asap but then all of a sudden its a continued product? stop. The product itself … let me just say when I have to dip into a highlighter with fix plus about four times to get any glow this product is now cancelled to me. I tried so hard to make it work, I even scratched off the top layer to try and use it as a loose pigment but even that failed. All that being said I did pick up the liquid lipstick they released as well and I use that on a weekly basis, so I’m not as mad as I would have been if I had just bought the highlighter.

Dior Forever Foundation

I may as well have just set 35 pound on fire. I have nightmares about this damn foundation. The smell of it was so strong on the skin it almost gave me a headache, it oxidised within minutes and it shifted around my face no matter what primer I used. The coverage wasn’t great but buildable if I wanted a cake face and I really was shocked because Dior normally hit it out the park for me. I occasionally dip into it now if I’m mixing it with a foundation too pale for me but thats the only time I reach for it now.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

This is a strange one because this product used to be my all time fave alongside my Mac paint pot for priming my lids until UD changed the packaging and the formula. It used to be way thicker and come out in a squeeze bottle, now its so watery and has an awful wand applicator. I’m not going to lie I’ve only made an attempt with the revised packaging and formula a handful of times but I end up taking it off straight away. Whose fab idea was it to take a holy grail of so many people and turn it into a runny mess with a pointless wand that ruins the application and doesn’t pick up enough product. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 

Mac Prep and Prime Transparent Finishing Powder

As I am not an oily person I generally tend to not have to worry about powder, unless I’m going on a night out however I do like to bake because I feel like it just gives my face a nicer finish. Mac as a brand tend to be a pretty safe bet when spending your money so I was really surprised when this didn’t work for me. I knew that as it contained silica that there would be flash back but I didn’t buy it with the intention of having a photo shoot so that wasn’t the issue. The real problem was that it removed my concealer from under my eyes and made my skin look dry and patchy. I made attempts of using it with different brushes and techniques but it still left the cakey, wrinkly, patchy face.

As I said I am not saying these products are a bunch of shit and not to go out and buy them or that if you’ve already bought them you have wasted your money, its all about what does and doesn’t work for me. I love all of these brands and think they create amazing products just sadly these ones were a miss for me. Let me know if these worked/didn’t work out for you, I would love to hear everyones opinions!

Love you byeeee

Honest Jaclyn Hill x Morphe collaboration review

Hey doll,

So I’m pretty late to this one because I have been umming and ahhing since Morphe released this one but my boyfriend made my mind up for me and bought it last week because I am spoiled and he is the best.

Firstly I’m going to put it out there and just say I’m not a Jaclyn Hill fan so my opinion isn’t going to be based on being a subscriber, however a huge congratulations to her, she is one of the YouTube beauty OGs and credit where credit is due.

So I’ll jump right in …

The basics

The packaging is pretty but a bit cheap, the original Morphe palettes are plastic and this one is cardboard so it’s not going to stay pretty for long if you’re anything like me. There is no mirror? That irks me a bit, it’s 37 pound and you get a cardboard pallet with no mirror? The colour names are on the actual packaging it arrives in and not on the palette itself, personally that doesn’t bother me but it might for some.

It has the list of ingredients on the packaging too and when I looked at them I was a bit miffed. The formula is literally almost the same as any other Morphe palette and Jaclyn basically gave out the impression that she had spent so long personally creating the formula. Obviously a collaboration with anyone is going to drive the price point up but on average a Morphe palette is 22 pound, so you are paying 15 pound more for cardboard, no mirror and Jaclyn’s name. If I were paying that much extra from a brands normal price point, I would expect sleeker packaging or a revised formula.


The palette has 35 shades with 5 rows of 7. have to say the colour selection is beautiful With endless amounts of eye looks you can create, there really is something for everyone.

When I swatched the shades on my arm I found it inconsistent, some of the shades were so creamy and others were more hard and a bit chalky, but I do find that issue with Morphe in general. Saying that, I don’t pay too much attention to swatches, I mainly do them because I’m impatient and want to see straight away.

I tried out about four looks in the week using the palette and I basically found the same issue when applying with a brush as I did when I swatched. Some of the shades blend like a dream and are so beautiful, I’d say the bottom right hand of the shades were the issue. I couldn’t get them to blend and they were so patchy but I’m not going to lie, the ones that were good did justify the purchasing of it. The shimmers though, literally have barely any pigment! You know the drill, you start off with dry brush, then fix plus brush, then finger and then fix plus finger! I was so disappointed! My shimmers in some of my make up revolution palettes are absolutely insane and they’re about 8 pound!

Over all thoughts

Over all I am going to say I do like the palette, the pigmentation on most of the shades is beautiful and they are great to blend, it is a shame some of them are hard to work with. Do I think the price point is justified? No. The packaging is cheap, the formula isn’t any better than any other Morphe. 37 pound is a lot of money to some people and I would like to have seen that extra cost put back more into the product.

Would I recommend the palette? Yes I would, it does have such a variation in shades and you can make so many looks with it.

Please remember everything I have said is just my own opinion, no tea no shade to Jaclyn or Morphe. Apart from a few little nags, I think they have created a gorgeous collaboration and a huge congrats.

Thanks for reading! Let me know in the comments what you thought of the palette!

Love love love

L’Oréal true match foundation & concealer review

Hello girls/boys

I am a bit of a foundation and concealer hoarder, having started at the orange dream matte mousse as I believe every women should, I have slowly but surely built up a strong addiction to the face base. I feel like 2017 was the year of the drug store, a few years back I would have never used drug store foundations, they were either ashy as hell or would oxidise and turn me into an orange blob. So when I first tried the maybelline fit me I was like YAS, I don’t have to fork out 35 quid for some damn coverage. Ever since I became a student I was on a bit of a mission to find more affordable make up because when I tell you I had boujee tastes with a full time wage I now have boujee tastes on a lemonade budget.

So I picked up the L’Oréal true match foundation and concealer last week and I wanted to try and get some wear out of it before I reviewed it, I’ll stop blabbering now and get on with the review.



The packaging for this is pretty nice, it reminds me of the nars radiant creamy concealer which is my fave of all time, so my first thoughts were oh this must be a dupe I bet it’s FULL coverage. You get 6.8ml which is pretty average for a concealer so no complaints there.


Concealer rules supreme in the makeup bag, any skin sins and it is concealer that saves the day, a fact of wisdom from me to you. So when I swatched it when I got home my face literally dropped. It was like a beige water but I was like hey maybe it’s buildable, think positive.

ITS NOT BUILDABLE AND DO NOT FUCKING TRY IT. IT BURNS. Literally! I tried carving my brows out but it was so feeble and watery I was like Jesus Christ hand me my Anastasia. Then I tried to prime my lids with it. Straight away my skin started to burn and my eyes were stinging and there was still no coverage, it was a hot mess. Even worse because I am a dunce I continued to try use it to high light my under eye and my eyes were streaming! I don’t have sensitive skin or eyes or anything that would make it have that effect so I’m thinking I got a dodgy pack? Surely that can’t have passed NB tests? Anyway it’s a pile of shite and save your money. The maybelline fit me and the age rewind are way better.



The packaging for the foundation is pretty basic, plain glass bottle with a pump, I like the pump a lot actually I hate squeezing foundation as I always do it too much and waste loads. You get 30ml which is again pretty bang average.


I was pretty sure I saw someone say it was a dupe for the ELD double wear which I used to wear all the time so I was pretty excited. I got it in the shade vanilla which is a bit pale for me when I’m tan but I tend to mix foundations all the time, so the shades never bother me that much. It says on the bottle “super blendable foundation” and I did find that it blended really well and it’s like medium coverage but deffo buildable. But it was just a bit meh?! You know when a foundation really dulls your skin and just makes it look lifeless and dull? I mean I don’t HATE it but I don’t really like it. I did try it out a few times because I wanted to apply it in different ways to see what the best way was, which is for sure a beauty blender. I used an illuminating primer to try and get some glow but it was just not happening.

I’ve thrown my concealer in the bin and the foundation I will probably give to my mam like all my other unwanted items! Her make up bag is full to the brim for someone that only ever wears bb cream and mascara!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope to god you don’t go out and buy that concealer! Let me know your fave drug store foundation I’m always ready to spend money!

Love you love you love you

Evening Skin Care routine

hey girl hey,

To be honest with you, I’m probably not the best person to come to with advice for skin care because I don’t have problematic skin! I’ve never had spots, pigmentation problems, scaring or excessive dryness and i’m never oily! Saying that, my skin care is generally preventative against ageing, I’m starting now dolls, you won’t be catching me with early crows feet! I tend to use affordable products with the odd exception and I am by no means a dermatologist! This is just what works for me!

Step 1, I remove all of my makeup with micellar water, it goes without saying, you know the deal.

Step 2, I use my vanity planet brush with a tiny bit of cleanser on it just to get rid of the excess makeup that might be clogging up my pores. Brushes like these are fairly inexpensive and I think I got mine with an affiliate code but you can get similar ones on Amazon. I use the silicon head on mine and never touch the exfoliating heads because they’re too harsh and I prefer a manual exfoliation anyway. If you have dry skin I would suggest skipping the cleanser and just using the brush as the combination of hot water, cleanser and brush can be harsh on your skin, drying it out. Also this garnier cleanser is fab, I also use it in the morning just with my hands and it leaves my skin fresh.

step 3, TONER! you have no idea how many people I know that do not tone! If you have oily or acne prone skin you need to use a toner, it helps shrink your pores and maintain your skins ph balance. I use this garnier one because its inexpensive and does the job, I just apply it with a cotton pad and one does the trick.

step 4, The Moroccan Rose Superfood by Dr Botanicals is just amazing. If you have dry skin I would suggest anything with rose water in it but if its really bad and you’re willing to spend some pennies this is just perfect. The smell alone is so good and I can’t recommend it enough. Ive mixed this with foundations to get a bit of a dewy look and it works so well. Just do a little dot on your forehead, cheek bones and chin then push it into the skin. Don’t rub it in you literally want to just press it. Like I said its pricey at 55 pound but there are so many alternatives to this, however if you do want to splurge I couldn’t recommend this enough.

Step 5, This isn’t too everyones taste but if you’re like me and you want to prevent the wrinkles you’ll not be getting for another 15 years then this is for you. I use The Ordinary Retinol in Squalane. Retinol affects gene expression (so how your genes send genetic instruction), enhances your collagen production, removes texture and helps even your skin pigmentation. I’d start off on 0.2% as your skin needs to build tolerance and avoid sensitive areas like the corner of your mouth and anywhere near your eyes. Start using once every 3 days and then build up until your skin has a daily tolerance. I do this on my evening skin care routing and apply it the same way as my Moroccan Rose Superfood oil.

step 6, Moisturiser obvs! Honestly I feel like moisturisers for me are not a big deal, I really do pick up whatever I see in superdrug because I don’t need one for a specific problem but I do avoid any with fragrances or preservatives (quaternium-15, imidazolidinyl urea and bronopol). P.s Do your neck?! You’d be surprised at how many people don’t do their neck!


twice a week I use lush cup of coffee as a mask and then exfoliate when I’m rubbing it off, I have been for about two years and I still get shocked at how soft my skin is after.

Once a week I use a garnier sheet mask right after I tone, honestly is it a fad? i dont know? but it makes me feel nice and pampered so I’ll keep doing it!

Every sunday I lather my face and hair in coconut oil,I feel like everyone knows the score with coconut oil, if you don’t know just get to know. It is a natural anti-bacterial and and anti-fungal (incase this is something that interests you??)it also smells like a fucking dream and its so cheap.

TIP- I don’t know if this is useful or not but if you do have a skin care routine that is a different to mine or you don’t know what order your products go on, you need to be going up in density with your products. So start off with your lightest product and work your way up to your heavier products!

ALSO! silk pillows. It sounds odd but a silk pillow will do wonders for your skin and hair. It helps retain moisture, reduces split ends and tame your bed head. Its science or some shit. Look it up if you don’t believe me!

So that’s my skin care, is it long? or is that normal, I have no idea! Thanks so much for reading and I hope it was some help to you? If not I hope you enjoyed just having a good nose! Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these or if i’m doing something wrong and need to change it! Also let me know if you’re interested in my morning routine which is slightly different!

love you loads and loaaaads