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 I am back after a month-long hiatus! hello my lovelies, I have missed this so much! How does one blog? how do I do this? someone give my head a shake! I did intend to have a post up a few days ago which was supposed to be a review of the Kat Von D eyebrow pencil I was gifted, but your gal changed her mind about publishing it when all the dram’s occurred of her being an anti-vaxxer due to her vegan lifestyle, which is a hell nah in my books, is Polio vegan kat?

Anyway! I was a bit stumped about what to post and I ummed and ahh’ed because although I have purchased some new bits, none of them are new released products and I don’t know if people would still be interested? yes? no? Maybe so? Let me know in the comments! So I was just Zoflora-ing (btw obsessed with these cleaning products, lame? I don’t care) my shower as I had just scrubbed some rather tiger bread looking tan off which had accumulated into a little orange puddle on the floor, when I thought I would let you know how I prepare for my tan. This isn’t rocket science and these are the steps literally everyone uses to prepare for tan but from what I have seen on social media, those that aren’t in the know can find it daunting, so this is just for those that find it a wee bit scary and maybe a product recommendation for those tanning veterans.

I don’t have a particular day in which I tan but I do make sure I start my preparations two days before my intended application. I will just break it down step by step for you huns.

Step 1  

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate. Removing all of the dead skin and evening out all the pigmentation is so important for a beautiful, even looking tan. You can exfoliate your skin wet or dry but I prefer to do in the shower with exfoliating gloves combined with a body polish. The gloves I get from primark for like one pound or something silly! They have been my ride or dies for years now and I don’t see the point in splashing out on expensive ones! My current favourite body polish that I am obsessed with is this no7 beautiful skin perfecting body polish, if you’re looking for a deep, deep exfoliator this isn’t the product for you, I personally like to use this slightly kinder version of an exfoliator due to my use of the gloves too and I don’t want to be too harsh on my skin. I just scrub my whole body in circular motions and jobs a goodun. If I am scrubbing off previous tan, like I said, I do this two days before I intend to apply because sometimes those stubborn patches just won’t shift. If this is the case the next day I just do a spot exfoliate and that normally gets all of the left over tan off.

Step 2  

Cleanse baby cleanse. What can I say here? have a wash you scrub? jokes. Cleansing your skin after an exfoliation is just a nice way to prepare for your tan and can help soothe it after you’ve just given it a good bashing. I am currently enjoying this sanctuary spa body wash, it leaves my skin feeling so refreshed and smells divine!

Step 3 

Moisturising your skin before tan is so, so important. If you’re not careful your tan will stick to your dry patches and you will be looking patchy AF, not a good look! I am literally so excited to share this product with you, it is honestly game changing. The Sanctuary spa in shower moisturiser has saved this lazy gals life. You literally turn the water off, rub over your body like a normal moisturiser, get out and towel dry off. It makes me skin smell like heaven and leaves it so soft. I honestly used to be bad with moisturising my body because I find it such a ball ache, once I am out the shower I tend to be going to bed or rushing to work and a lot of moisturisers need time to settle into your skin but not this one! As well as this moisturiser I do use a thicker one to do my knees and elbows to ensure my tan doesn’t cling to these patches! Remember you want to tan a day after you have finished these steps, not on the day!

If you’re wondering why I haven’t included facial preparation it is because I never apply tan to my face, not even facial tan. The thought of something sitting on my facial skin for so long makes me feel a bit queasy but I do use a tanning water on my face, when I can remember!

Thank you for reading dolls, I am excited to get back into the blogging community and shower you all with some new content! Don’t hesitate to boss me about and let me know if you want anything reviewing in the comment section!

Love you byeeeee




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Bronze babein’ on a budget (holy grail fake tan product)

Hey dolls,

Its tanning time!! Sooooooo hands up if you’re sick of the Caspar life? double hands up if you’re living the student peasant life and can’t really afford to be running around throwing money at over priced and over rated st tropez? Do not worry huns because even if only one of the above applies to you, you are not alone and I have the answers to your pasty pin problems.

I’ve been fake tanning since i was about 15 and let me tell ya, If its been bottled ive tried it. I’ve been through the fake tan wars, stained bed sheets, weird biscuity smell (In theory being followed by a constant biscuit smell would be pleasant but alas, it’s not) and the very worst… green feet (I’m looking at you st.moritz). I’m also not a golden glow of a girl when it comes to tan, i want to be like a little crisp slice of brown toast who looks like ive spent a month abandoned on an island with no shelter and just tanning oil to keep me company. So i eventually just led myself to believe i would have to keep forking out for really expensive over rated fake tans and sacrifice whatever else i have convinced myself i need in order to survive.

That was until i saw this absolute bronzed goddess in the club one night and i was like omg hun tell me your secrets?! and she did because as women have a natural bond and we stick together but now i forward this secret on to you…  25008844_147662746004437_2219268773607636992_n                                       Before                                         immediately after i applied  (lost the lid soz)

It is the Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter, one hour tan mousse in the original medium shade. I am beyond obsessed. Even better, when i bought it, it was on sale in primark for five pound. FIVE BRITISH POUNDS. Its so cheap and so freeken good, i very rarely find holy grail beauty products but this is for sure one of mine now. It develops so fast and it gets darker the longer you leave it, i tan on a thursday and it basically takes me through to the next week not even going patchy just fading. Since its still winter and i dont want to go mental on my bronze im waiting to try the darker shade out but i think ill give it a go when the weather gets warmer.

The only thing I have to say is if you’re showering before application make sure there isnt even a droplet of moisture on your skin or it will go super patchy but even if it does go patchy and someone says “ew look at your minging patchy tan” say no hun, you’re minging.

Head over to my instagram to see what its like fully developed and in all its glory! But dont forget to gimme a shout in the comments if you’ve tried it and what you think!

Love ya loads and loads,